Delegates of Journalist Association of Korea Visits Tanah Lot

Delegates of Journalist Association of Korea Visits Tanah Lot

Delegates of Journalist Association of Korea (JAK) were fascinated by the Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction, Monday (Nov 6). The destination combining the charm of nature and culture really attracts every tourist, including the delegates from South Korea. Therefore, when the journalist entourage was at Tanah Lot, located in Beraban Village, Kediri Subdistrict, Tabanan, they could not stop taking unique moments. Many people also observed when visitors watched the sunset or took selfies with the Tanah Lot Temple in the background.

Having witnessed the various beauties of Tanah Lot, the 11 delegates then enjoyed culinary delights at De Jukung Resto Tanah Lot. “After setting foot in Bali, we felt the comfort and beauty. Honestly, what I could think about was directly promoting Balinese culture and tourism. I immediately think about, support and promote Balinese culture and tourism,” said the Head of the JAK Delegates, who is also the President of JAK, Mr. Kim Dong Hoon.

Delegates of Journalist Association of Korea was welcomed by the Regent of Tabanan represented by the Regional Secretary of Tabanan District, I Gede Susila. “We express our profound gratitude and appreciation to the Delegates of the Journalist Association of Korea who has chosen Tabanan District as the target of their visit. This moment is also believed to be able to become a tourism promotion event for Tabanan District in South Korea,” said Regional Secretary Gede Susila.

Prior to visiting Tanah Lot, the Journalist Association of Korea (JAK) delegates led by Mr. Kim Dong Hoon also visited Ulundanu Beratan, Bedugul, Baturiti. On that occasion, they were presented with a beautiful panorama of Ulundanu Beratan. One of the unique things about Lake Beratan that other lakes do not have is the existence of a temple located right in the middle of the lake.

Tabanan District is one of the nine districts and city in Bali Province. Located in the southern part of Bali Island, Tabanan district spreads across an area of 839.33 square kilometers consisting of mountainous and coastal areas. “Tabanan District has been well known as the rice granary of Bali and has tourism potential that is widely known abroad, namely Tanah Lot and Ulundanu Beratan tourist attraction,” he explained.

The presence of South Korean journalist delegates has a positive value. Tabanan, with its unique destinations, is increasingly visited by more and more tourists, especially those from South Korea. “We want to increase tourist arrivals. Of course, we have to make arrangements in terms of the objects we have. So, the Regent is very committed to the objects becoming the mainstay of the Regional Government, not only Tanah Lot, then Bedugul, Jatiluwih, including tourist attractions that are grown and developed by the community,” emphasized Susila.

Meanwhile, Chairman of PWI Bali, IGMB Dwikora Putra, stated that today’s JAK delegates coming here totally amounts to 11 people. He stated the term was an exchange program that visited each other between Indonesian Journalist Association (PWI) and the South Korean Delegates, as well as an opportunity to promote Indonesian tourism, especially Bali tourism. If conditions are normal, they are said to be visiting each other and this is the fourth visit by the South Korean delegates while he was Chairman of the PWI.

The journalists from Korea were very enthusiastic, especially about coming to Bali. If they do not come directly to Bali, they will definitely go home via Bali because there are direct flights from Ngurah Rai to South Korea. “Why do they choose Bali? Probably they feel that (1) there are similarities between Korea and Bali, and (2) they both have beaches and cool areas like Bedugul,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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