Delicious Be Samsam Guling of Bu Ayu Kedonganan

Delicious Be Samsam Guling of Bu Ayu Kedonganan

If you want to taste the delicious roasted suckling pig, try tasting the delicious samsam guling at Warung Samsam Guling Bu Ayu located at Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Gang Kelapa Buntu I No. 7A, Kedonganan Village, Kuta, Badung. The food stall applying the concept of home-cooked food is indeed located in the area of ​​​​residents’ homes, but for customers it is very easy to find. As evidence, the food stall managed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) of Badung Chapter, I Made Suarsa, is always busy with customers, either coming directly to the location or ordering through social media.

The pork offered is indeed tender, the skin is crispy and the seasoning is quite delicious and you can feel till inside the belly. The seasoning is very appropriate, and it feels like there is no dominant ingredient. Moreover, the processed rib bone soup, wow, it’s delicious. The gravy looks clear and clean, but the taste is mouthwatering that touches the heart. The samsam guling served is so unique. The taste really hits people’s tongues, so once you try it, you will definitely get addicted to it. After all, in terms of food, it really is Balinese. “We use the genep (complete) seasoning, but there is a mixture with the dose that makes it so special,” said Suarsa, recently.

This former hotel employee of the native to Kedonganan is indeed shrewd in concocting Be Samsam Guling so that it becomes very distinctive. Moreover, processing the seasoning as the legends of Kedonganan makes it delicious samsam guling. He himself is determined to bringing the traditional Balinese menu to go international. “I am optimistic that with my hand concoction, I will be able to attract more customers. As evidence, aside from local people, this serving is also liked best by local and national artists, including famous lawyers. It means that many people come here indoors,” he said happily.

Samsam guling is a Balinese menu developed in accordance with the changing times. In the past, roasted suckling pigs were enjoyed as a whole, but now the samsam part is especially sought after. The meat consists of four layers, namely flesh, fat, flesh and then skin, fat and skin. “Right now, the menu is trendier. Cooking is also faster than making roasted suckling pig, which is a maximum of 2 hours. The seasoning is the same as the roasted pig which is using the complete seasoning, but there is a mix of dosage that makes it unique,” ​​he said convincingly.

One portion of the menu consists of white rice, samsam guling, cassava vegetables, lawar, be genyol, fried pork, crackers and accompanied with pork rib soup. If you order, it does not take long because within 5 minutes it has already been served on the table. In addition, it also provides a menu of roasted chicken that he produces by himself. Each portion consists of rice, chicken meat, lawar, satay, cassava vegetables, and chicken gravy. Meanwhile, the drink option consists of tea, warm and cold oranges, soft drinks and beer.

“During the implementation of the Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM), we are open from 16:00 to 22:00 Local Time. Hopefully, the restriction will not be extended, so that we can open from 11:00 Local Time until it’s finished,” hoped the husband of Ni Wayan Sudiayu.

The man, who is a native to Kedonganan, admitted that customers of Warung Be Samsam Guling Bu Ayu come from various regions, especially from the Kedonganan area, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, to Denpasar City. Often he also delivers to outside the area of ​​Bali, such as Semarang, Jakarta to Pekanbaru. In Bali, it is mostly ordered by local people, then outside Bali it is ordered by many Chinese citizens, especially culinary fans. Hence, in a day he can spend 3-4 kg of pork.

“We made the roasted pig manually by using wooden charcoal. The idea started from cooking the roasted pigs themselves, and then trying to offer them to others. The existence of this food stall is also an impact of Covid-19,” concluded this former hotel employee. (BTN/015)

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