Delicious Mutton Lawar at Gunaksa

Delicious Mutton Lawar at Gunaksa

If you feel hungry while traveling from Denpasar to Karangasem or vice versa, do not be confused looking for delicious food. Come and stop by at the Lawar Kambing or Mutton Lawar at the food stall located at Jalan Kusanegara, Gunaksa Village, Dawan, Klungkung. If you come from Denpasar, then meet the intersection at Gunaksa, choose the right lane and then turn right onto the old road towards Karangasem. About 9 meters on the right side of the road, there is a simple food stall that is sure to be busy with buyers.

This simple food stall offers rice packages with various types of menus made from mutton. In one complete package, there are steamed rice, lawar, twisted satay, meat satay and curry. The price of one package is quite cheap, but the taste is so delicious. The satay itself is delicious and the pieces of meat are big. If you bite it, it is not too tough and the peanut sauce is just right, not too sweet and not too spicy. The curry is delicious, especially when enjoying its gravy. Wow … the spice tastes so great. The sauce is also a bit cloudy, not clear, so it always tastes good.

The mutton lawar is also delicious, the taste is unique and very attractive. Lawar which uses lamb skin ingredient combined with young seedy banana and jackfruit as well as a little long beans tastes very good. It does not taste fishy at all. In fact, the more you eat it the more addicted it becomes. Likewise with twisted satay which offers a delicious taste. The meat and seasoning ingredients seem to be balanced because they have a very balanced taste. A portion is also very fit in the stomach.

Similarly, its drink offers many choices. However, the most sought after are warm tea and iced tea as well as warm oranges and iced orange. The services are very fast and friendly. When sitting down and ordering food, a few minutes later the waiter immediately comes with the mutton menu, so you do not have to wait long. Visitors are very happy with the excellent services of the employees. So do not be surprised, this food stall is always crowded because other than serving a variety of delicious menus, it is also very beautiful with views of the green corn garden, set against the sparkling Island of Nusa Penida across the blue sea.

This food stall will be more crowded at lunch time. The tables are neatly arranged, even more spaced apart during this pandemic. The parking lot is also very spacious, so it can accommodate many customers. “The mutton lawar is very delicious. Its curry and satay are delicious as well, without any fishy taste. Every time we pass by, we definitely stop by to taste this mutton menu. Honestly, I never get bored,” said Tut Ker, a man from Denpasar who treated his friends to Budakeling Village, Karangasem. (BTN/015)

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