Denpasar City Govt Explores Port Tourism Cooperation with Nansha City China

Denpasar City Govt Explores Port Tourism Cooperation with Nansha City China

The Denpasar City Government is exploring international cooperation as an effort to explore innovation to support regional progress. This time, it explores cooperation with the Government of Nansha City, China. This was revealed during the International Friendship City Track Session Webinar Meeting Invitation to Review Potential Cooperation Opportunities of Port Tourism of Denpasar City with Nansha City China, on Thursday (Nov. 12).

The virtual screening session facilitated by the Cooperation Section of the Denpasar City Secretariat was also attended by Director General of Nansha Foreign Affairs Office, Ms. Zheng Huirong and Director General of Nansha Bureau of Culture Radio Television, Tourism and Sports, Ms. Hong Minqi. From the Denpasar City Government, there were the Head of the Denpasar City Transportation Agency, I Ketut Sriawan, the Head of Cooperation for the Regional Secretariat for the City of Denpasar, I Gusti Ayu Laxmy Saraswati and other invitees.

Ayu Laxmy Saraswati stated the sharing session between Nansha City, China and Denpasar City is to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the port tourism sector accompanied by the promotion of craft trade. Both city envoys exchanged information as one of the stages in exploring virtual foreign cooperation networks.

The Denpasar-Nansha sharing session is held as one of the International Friendship City Track Session events in the Denpasar Virtual Festival 2020 which starts from November to December 2020. “This activity is to explore sister city cooperation so that it can provide maximum benefits for both parties, especially in the field of Port Tourism as well as the promotion of craft trade,” he explained.

As for the implementation of the activity, several important points will be realized soon. It starts from the implementation of advance virtual meetings, namely table top sharing between Nansha-Denpasar and virtual between Benoa Port and Nansha Port where Nansha has a Cruise Music Festival event every year and this year is held offline. On this occasion, the Nansha City Government also supported the Denpasar Festival 2020 in Sharing Video of Cultural Performance with other cities.

“We hope this sister city cooperation can be carried out so that it can provide support for the gradual development of tourism in Denpasar City and Nansha City China and can provide marketing space for crafters and creative industries in Denpasar City,” he hoped. (BTN/015)

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