Desa Pramana Swan Offers Independent Isolation Package

Desa Pramana Swan Offers Independent Isolation Package

Desa Pramana Swan, which previously provided a healthy quarantine venue for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), is now offering itself as a venue for independent isolation. The offer is responding to a circular from the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI). “Referring to the PHRI’s circular, we offer Desa Pramana Swan as an independent isolation venue. It is based on consideration that previously it had become one of the healthy quarantine venues for PMIs from April to May 2020,” said CEO of Pramana Experience, Sudirga Yusa, on Monday (Feb 22).

As for the self-isolation scheme, continued Dirga as he is familiarly addressed, of course it follows the policies and directives of the government, where later on the hotel may not accept guests or general customers. The most important is the application of health protocols and the possession of a standard certificate of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability or CHSE.

To be able to choose a quarantine venue at Desa Pramana Swan, one can contact directly the hotel and can also contact the Health Office or the relevant Taskforce. The accommodation is located in Selukat Keramas Village, Gianyar. Located far from the residents’ villages, the villa has many rooms where the area of each villa is spacious and meets several other criteria. “We have 25 private pool villas with a total of 70 rooms, and as many as 68 rooms are used. This indeed has the criteria as a healthy quarantine venue for migrant workers in the region of the art,” he said while promoting.

To make the hotel a quarantine venue, the man being active in the tourism organization said it must get approval from the Covid-19 Taskforce and related agencies. It includes the agreement in the service and the determination of the predetermined price.

“Honestly, to make a hotel a quarantine venue is certainly not easy because it will be closely related to health and safety issues for all staff and the environment. The hotel must ensure that the hotel environment and its surroundings remain healthy, so that it becomes a safe place for healing,” he said.

Indeed, in practice the hotel management and staff do not come into direct contact with quarantine patients. All needs of quarantine participants are handled and supervised by members of the taskforce assisted by related officers, such as the Social Service, security forces and others. “We are only in charge of preparing the venue for the first time the rooms in use. Meanwhile, the other facilities such as restaurant, swimming pool, gym and other facilities are not used,” he explained.

Then, food and drink needs are immediately delivered to each room by placing them in front of each room so as to avoid direct contact with quarantine participants. “We clean up the area by spraying disinfectant every day for all areas of the hotel. Hotel staff on duty always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with directions, such as wearing mask, gloves, face shields and others,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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