Dingaun Health and Wellness Center Resort at Mas Village, Ubud

Dingaun Health and Wellness Center Resort at Mas Village, Ubud

Mas Village, Ubud, Gianyar, is the place for this luxurious health and wellness resort on the Island of the Gods. The word Ubud derived from Balinese vocabulary ‘ubat’ or ‘obat’ meaning medicine is a very calm and peaceful destination. “Just like other islands on this planet, Bali that had fasted during the pandemic launches the Gdas Bali Health & Wellness Resort based in Mas, Ubud. It is a center for traditional healing,” said Ida Bagus Oka Genijaya, a genius architect who had created this masterpiece.

This resort is used to introduce traditional healing commonly used by ancient Balinese people. There is magic in Bali so that Russell always wants to come back to this place. Currently, Gdas provides training for local people, namely Banjar Kumbuh and provides opportunities. There are three important elements for Gdas Bali, namely human resources, service and rewards. On that account, this resort was used to introduce the treatment practiced by the ancient Balinese. “We don’t need foreigners to run a hotel, but we have to maximize Balinese human resources,” he said.

The founder is Mr. Russell Simmons, a yogi and meditator and a solid vegan practitioner for over 25 years got inspiration from this blissful resort during one of his meditation sessions. Gdas means ‘Govinda Das’—the servant of God Govinda. “The site will also be used as a yoga science school where master yogis teach and certify yoga teachers to relieve the suffering of others,” said Russell Simmons.

Gdas Bali Health & Wellness Resort was built by and for those who want to experience the magic of the healing village of Ubud, Bali. Located in the center of Mas, Kumbuh Village, the hometown of woodcarving artists, Gdas Bali overlooks a serene expanse of rice fields and it is only a 5-minute drive to the thriving cultural and artistic center of Ubud. “Ubud is a medicine town, healing is the best place for this resort location. Moksha or Samadhi is the life goal of all religions,” he explained.

Gdas Bali is a place to optimize, rejuvenate and reengineer lifestyle habits and choices; a destiny of a wellness-based travel experience for those who are ready to look inward and focus on the positive energy this island has to offer. “What I love is this. This resort will also be used as a school to learn the science of yoga. Building this resort is not a matter of money but it is the ultimate goal of my life and a gift to lead to a healthy lifestyle after the pandemic,” he said. (BTN/015)

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