‘Diorama Chronic’ Exhibition by 11 Artists Responds to Pandemic

‘Diorama Chronic’ Exhibition by 11 Artists Responds to Pandemic

The artworks showcased are very diverse, but still unique. There are even intriguing works, but full of messages. The artworks exhibited by the eleven artists are the result of responding to the chronic conditions of the world due to the pandemic with two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. The exhibition was opened by art observer Agus Maha Usadha on Wednesday (Dec. 30) and will last until January 20, 2021.

The eleven artists consist of I Kadek Rudiantara (Aboetd), Made Astika Yasa, Putu Adi Suweca (CYX Daeng), I Kadek Dedy Sumantra Yasa, Ito Joyo Atmojo, I Gede Made Surya Darma, I Made ‘Lun’ Subrata, I Ketut Putra Yasa , I Gusti Made Wisatawan and Raden Bagus Surya Ningrat. They display the works in the form of paintings, sculptures and installation art. “This exhibition is very important to close the year 2020. I warmly welcome the enthusiasm of my fellow artists in the midst of the pandemic. They participated in preparing the exhibition in flash initiated by I Kadek Dedy Sumantra Yasa,” said Made ‘Kaek’ Dharma Susila, founder of the Rumah Paros.

Rumah Paros is an art space built on the concept of Asta Kosala Kosali, a Balinese home architectural system built 20 years ago. Bale daja or northern pavilion of Rumah Paros usually used to receive guests functions as an artistic space. This is because art and culture as the basis of hospitality are very important to be preserved. “We facilitate the space as a venue to display creative works. We hope that all visitors apply the three health protocol (wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance), considering the Covid-19 case is still hitting the world,” said the artist and tourism players.

The theme of Diorama Chronic is taken as a response to the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic having been chronic in the world. Diorama is defined as a miniature, three-dimensional object to describe a scene. Meanwhile, chronic, which is usually widely used in medical terms, indicates the condition or nature of the disease having long occurred. In this condition, the disease is persistent and usually has an impact on several body systems.

Ito Joyoatmojo, an Indonesian artist who has lived in Switzerland for a long time, responded by making a food-themed painting with a micro detail. For him, depicting food objects in a macro way is a symbol to respond that food is very important in various regions in living a pandemic period. Many families have to struggle to find food. On that account, sharing during the pandemic is very important. Kadek Dedy Sumantra Yasa presents a bass guitar work made with one string which means that in this difficult time, there is one way, namely surrender to Him.

Made Lun Subrata presented abstract paintings looking like an island filled with life, but on the other hand there is light. It carried a message that in this difficult time, of course, there is still a bright way for us to survive. Artist Buyung Mentari responded with batik paintings in abstract styles causing uncertainty about the future he felt; I Ketut Putra Yasa responded by presenting the installation work measuring 1.5 meters; and I Gede Made Surya Darma responded to the exhibition by presenting performative works in the form of a photo entitled Blind in Paradise.

Meanwhile, Made Surata responded by describing the glory of vanilla fruit. In the past, Balinese vanilla was green gold which was best exported to various countries. For him, as an artist and farmer at the same time, he wanted to convey his anxiety that Balinese vanilla is getting scarce. This needed to be cultivated to sustain the life of farmers. I Kadek Rudiantara (Aboet), an artist who modifies a lot of motorbikes and his Mercedes car with textured fiberglass patches, also ever held exhibitions in informal places, where one of which is a cemetery. Then, Made Astika Yasa, Putu Adi Suweca (CYX Daeng), I Gusti Made Wisatawan and Raden Bagus Surya responded with mixed media paintings to express their anxiety about the chronic Covid-19 problem. (BTN/015)

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