During Eid Holidays, Local Tourists Flock to Tanah Lot

During Eid Holidays, Local Tourists Flock to Tanah Lot

Eid al-Fitr holidays falling on May 13-14, 2021 were used by local people to visit tourist attractions. The ban on homecoming as a form of the enactment of the Micro-scale Community Creativity Limitation (PPKM) by the central government caused tourist area to be visited by local tourists. Likewise, tourist visits to Tanah Lot continued to flow. “These Eid-al-Fitr holidays boost the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot,” said Operations Manager, Wayan Sudiana, on Saturday (May 15). 

Wayan Sudiana added that the Eid al-Fitr holidays during this pandemic was able to increase the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot. Based on the records, as of Thursday (May 13) there were 1,248 tourists and on Friday (May 14) increased to 1,353 tourists. They were dominated by local tourists. “From the morning, motorcycles have started arriving. By noon, many vehicles of Bali license plates were also starting to be seen entering the area. Hopefully, it will get more crowded this weekend,” he explained. 

Tourists dominated by local residents visited the tourist attraction by motorcycles and private cars. From the observation in the area, many motorcycles and cars with Bali license plates entered the destination area. Each visitor is also disciplined in applying health protocols. After checking their body temperature, the visitors then wash their hands with running water scattered in the area of the tourist destination. If there are tourists that do not wear mask or wear mask incorrectly, the officers will immediately inform them. There are officers in every location. “We also remind tourists to obey the health protocols through loudspeakers,” he added. 

Along with increasing tourist visits, Tanah Lot has tightened the implementation of the Covid-19 prevention program. More interestingly, each tourist visiting the area of the object is ready with his own health protocol equipment, such as wearing a mask properly, bringing his own hand sanitizer and always maintaining a distance when in the object area. “We are still optimistic that tourist visits will increase in line with the incessant Covid-free corridor program and the opening of green zones along with the implementation of vaccination for tourism workers,” he said. 

He further emphasized that the tourist attraction located at Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan, has indeed prepared itself to welcome the Eid holidays. In addition, it also completes the strategic points with various facilities such as hand washing stations, hand sanitizers and routine spraying of areas with disinfectants. “We have obtained the Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and have participated in the vaccination process for tourism workers and stakeholders in the Tanah Lot area,” he added. (BTN/015)

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