Earth Hour Also Celebrated at The Haven Bali Seminyak

Earth Hour Also Celebrated at The Haven Bali Seminyak

The Haven Bali Seminyak together with millions of people around the world are committed to joining one of the environmental movements called Earth Hour. The Haven Bali Seminyak follows this campaign every year by turning off electricity at hotels.

“The Earth Hour commemoration begins by turning off the lights for one hour, starting at 20:30 until 21:30 Local Time on March 27, 2021,” said Assistant Director of Sales, Ernita Chandrayani, on Wednesday (Mar 31)..

In this event, the hotel staff invited in-house guests to participate in the Earth Hour activity, a one-hour campaign to turn off the lights. “We symbolize time by displaying small lit candles in the shape of 60+ in front of the Sabeen Restaurant. All the actions we have taken are to support and show off that we care to save the earth and build awareness about sustainability and climate change having a big impact on the earth” she added.

Ernita Chandrayani added the first Earth Hour was held in Sydney in 2007 by WWF and became a worldwide event. It is done to bring global attention to climate change and to encourage people everywhere to take part in protecting the planet and future generations.

“Earth Hour is held every year and involves millions of people in many countries, one of which is by turning off the lights to show off support for our planet,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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