Education and Sharing of ABI Bali at Belimbing Tourism Village

Education and Sharing of ABI Bali at Belimbing Tourism Village

Belimbing Village, Pupuan Subdistrict, Tabanan, becomes the center for Education and Sharing activities for the Indonesian Bartender Association (ABI). The quiet and Beautiful atmosphere in the westernmost region of Tabanan was explored with various tourist activities related to the 9th anniversary on December 19, 2021. The activity started with a prayer together and then tracking as well as exploring the cool countryside. While walking, all the participants picked up plastic waste encountered around the tourism village area. “This clean-up activities are part of the event that we have prepared,” said Chairman of the ABI Bali, Ngurah Udayana.

Education and sharing activities this time are very far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Heading for rural areas was previously scheduled. The atmosphere was extraordinary when being at the foot of Mount Batukaru, to be precise in the Kubu Tepi Sawah within Wana Prasta Resort. The beautiful nature of the mountains and verdant expanses of rice fields made all the participants in attendant seem to have been anesthetized by the cool atmosphere of the mountains. Moreover, it was added to the warmth of sharing the education presented to the participants. “The anniversary activities of ABI Bali this time really would like to introduce local geniuses existing throughout Bali, one of which is at Belimbing Village and the fission of Karya Sari Village which is one of the tourism villages in Bali,” he added.

The head of the Karya Sari Village tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis), Budi Pan Gandi, stated the activity had a very positive impact on the Belimbing tourism village in the future. In the midst of the hard economic crush due to the pandemic conditions which have not yet ended, the anniversary event of ABI Bali held at the village area is expected to be used as a promotional medium in the future. “We really want the collaboration of ABI and all components of the organization that are present, including the big umbrella of ABI’s organization, namely IFBEC Bali, to come together and support the sustainability of our tourism village,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, Chairman of IFBEC Bali, Ketut Darmayasa, took the time to attend together with the Brotherhood ride of IFBEC Bali team who came specifically to Belimbing Village. Aside from celebrating with ABI Bali’s 9th anniversary, he really appreciated the activities being held in the open and cool natural view of the mountains. “This positive activity can collaborate with MSMEs at Belimbing and Karya Sari villages. It is very extraordinary to be able to introduce their local products,” he said. “Education and Sharing” featured resource persons like the owner of KTS, Sudi Artawan, who is also an advisor to ABI Bali and Yos Malelak, an international professional bartender and the winner of the Flair Bartending in the World Champion Flair 2000, the only champion from Indonesia. (BTN/015)

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