Educational Tours at Ambenan Ijo Gading

Educational Tours at Ambenan Ijo Gading

Have you ever traveled to Ambenan Ijo Gading? It is Muztahidin who has played a major role in the success of this alternative tourist attraction located at East Loloan Village, Jembrana Subdistrict, Jembrana. Ambenan Ijo Gading, formerly a neglected river area, has now been transformed into a bamboo recreation area that is very safe and comfortable to visit. “We want this tourist attraction is not only as an effort to keep the river clean, but also to create an economic cycle,” said Muztahidin, a man who graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science.

The man who was born on October 1, 1984, does have a lot of experience in organizing. He initially served as the Head of the East Loloan hamlet for the period of 2016-2021. Similarly, he is active in several organizations at the East Loloan Village of Jembrana, namely as the founder of the Loloan Reading House (2015), the Founder of the Loloan Youth Movement engaged in Education, Health, Economic, Social and Cultural activities and others. “Ambenan Ijo Gading was originally intended to develop the village in empowering the existing potential and aimed at preventing people from throwing garbage into the Ijo Gading River,” he said.

In addition, Muztahidin is one of the founders of the Youth Organization at East Loloan (2007) and the initiator of the Old Time Loloan Cultural Festival. He also started the Blood Donor Volunteer Community in Jembrana District. After that, he collaborated with the East Loloan Youth and the local community to make the Ijo Gading River remember its history and create activities that benefit the surrounding communities by forming the Ambenan Ijo Gading Tourism Awareness Group. “We pioneered a program to create educational and literacy tourism sites located on the outskirts of the Ijo Gading River in late 2018,” he said seriously.

The man with a strong determination chose the land that had never been used by residents as the location for the Ambenan Ijo Gading activity. “We chose Ambenan Ijo Gading so that in the future it can become a positive icon at East Loloan Village. Currently, this alternative tourism area has been under the guidance of PLN and received CSR assistance for three years. This is the second year in the development of the Ambenan Ijo Gading Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis),” he added.

He admitted that many people gradually helped the activities at Ambenan Ijo Gading. For example, several agencies are concerned about the development of Ambenan Ijo Gading, such as PLN by providing CSR assistance and Biznet participates in providing free internet access for East Loloan. The Center for Bali Penida River Basin (BWS Bali Penida) also participated in helping by providing Covid-19 prevention tools and a Hydroponic Package. (BTN/015)

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