Ekasari Tourism Village, Rich in Tourist Attractions for Lovely Sightseeing

Ekasari Tourism Village, Rich in Tourist Attractions for Lovely Sightseeing

If you do not have a comfortable place to travel, schedule a trip to the Ekasari tourism village. The village perched in the subdistrict of Melaya, Jembrana, is a peaceful tourism village which is rich in tourist attractions. It is a fertile plain being rich in cultural treasures.

Thus, it is very appropriate for Ekasari village to be included in the top 100 out of 1,831 villages throughout Indonesia at the Indonesian Tourism Village Award, some time ago. Location of this village is very strategic, namely about 7 km from the town of Melaya subdistrict, about 23 km from Negara town and about 117 km from Denpasar, the capital of Bali Province.

Ekasari Village spreads across the area of 1,520.44 hectares and has population of 5,163 people. It features 10 hamlets namely the Palerejo, Palasari, Wargasari, Parwatasari, Wanasari, Sadnyasari, Anggasari, Adnyasari, Karangsari, and Palalinggah. To the north is a state forest, to the south is Nusasari village, to the east is Warnasari village and Tukadaya village, and to the west is Blimbingsari village and Melaya village. “The unspoiled natural potential and diverse local cultures make Ekasari village visited by many local and domestic tourists,” said Head of Ekasari tourism awareness group, I Komang Anom Suastika Tribayu, on Friday (Dec 3).

The existing tourism potential includes natural tourism, namely Palasari Dam offering natural panorama, a place to relax on weekends and a place to enjoy fishing and sightseeing tours to witness the panorama around the dam. Maria Cave religious tourism and Palasari Catholic Old Church are relics of the art and culture, church architecture with Balinese designs and people worshiping using Balinese customary clothes. Cacao agrotourism makes collaboration with existing cacao farmer groups, while the selfie spot at Palerejo village is very cool and offers various beauties as a background for selfie.

This village also preserves the art of carving at Sadnyasari hamlet which makes carvings on the family shrines or meets orders for the house. Hindu ritual ceremonies in the form of piodalan or temple festival and ceremonies of Catholic Christians in the form of liturgy and devotion can be seen by tourists. Likewise, there is a fishery that utilizes forest water through pipes by making freshwater fish ponds such as catfish and gourami which are ready to support and supply the stalls at Ekasari village. Nature conditions are still pristine and the diverse cultures found at Ekasari village are the main attraction for tourists.

As a tourist destination, Ekasari village is supported by tourism facilities such as homestays, hotels and inns. Visitors can use 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled private transportation easily because the roads at Ekasari village are mostly asphalted and concreted making it easier for them to carry out tourist activities at Ekasari village. Other public facilities are two sports fields at Adnyasari and Palasari hamlet, 10 hamlet meeting halls with clean toilet facilities, 1 wantilan and 1 clan pavilion which are ready to be used for performing art events on a larger scale.

Parking lot is also wide enough to make it easier for large buses to enter the Ekasari tourism village. For tourists who are Catholic, there is Palasari Sacred Heart Catholic Church with a liturgical ceremony schedule, a definite devotion. It is interesting for them to follow in the nuance of Balinese culture in which they can capture as a memory. There are three village temples at Ekasari village that can attract visitors wishing to know about Hinduism at Ekasari village.

The environment is clean, safe, sustainable and beautiful as part of Sapta Pesona or seven charms of tourism awareness concept. This has been attempted and supported by front-side house compound landscaping, yards and public places continuously being strived to improve. Another interesting art attraction is the existence of a sacred dance in the form of Sanghyang Jaran Dance frequently performed at certain ceremonies and the very attractive art of traditional drum gamelan contest performed by local village artists. During the pandemic, Ekasari tourism village has implemented health protocol, and has even provided a PeduliLindungi barcode.

The development of Ekasari tourism village is expected to have an economic impact on the community as a supporter of tourism villages. “We hope the existence of the tourism village can improve the socio-economic welfare of the community, improve the environmental quality of Ekasari village which is Ekasari (meaning ‘single aspiration, safe and peaceful, harmonious, beautiful, neat and nice’), preserves and upholds noble cultural values as well as maintain conducive security conditions,” said this energetic man. (BTN/015)

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