End of 2021, Bali Safari Park Welcomes the Birth of Animal Babies

End of 2021, Bali Safari Park Welcomes the Birth of Animal Babies

The end of 2021 is an exciting moment for Bali Safari Park. In the midst of the hitting pandemic, Bali Safari Park actually returned to welcome the birth of baby animals. It is really fun. Bali Safari Park, part of the Taman Safari Indonesia Group, is an animal conservation organization in Bali that is passionate about preserving nature and wildlife. “The birth of these 3 baby animals is proof of the success of Bali Safari Park as an animal conservation organization,” said Yohana Kusumaningtyas as Senior Veterinary at Bali Safari Park on Wednesday (Dec 29).

There are three baby animals born at the end of 2021. They consisted of two male Striped Hyenas on October 29, a female Pygmy Hippo on November 21, and one Zebra Chapman on November 22. “These baby animals are still under the supervision and care of us, the medical team and the keeper team. The condition of the baby animals is also continuously monitored to ensure that the mother and babies remain healthy and stable,” added Yohana Kusumaningtyas.

The success of this conservation has also been realized due to the support from all levels of society who continuously support animal conservation activities at the Bali Safari Park. This further encourages the spirit of Bali Safari Park to continuously provide the best services, both for the community, nature and wildlife. “We really hope that all the animals here can breed and live well,” she hoped.

In connection with the births of the animals as part of the symbols of hopes and dreams, Bali Safari Park also holds a Christmas and New Year’s Day event entitled “Safari 1001 Dreams.” This event is held from December 15, 2021 to January 2, 2022, with the hope of inspiring the community to continuously protect and preserve nature.

Bali Safari Park located at Jalan Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra km 19.8, Serongga, Gianyar, also invites animal lovers to take part in the naming competition for Baby Zebras on the Bali Safari Park Instagram Social Media. Attractive prizes will be awarded to those having given the most unique, beautiful and meaningful names. “Hopefully, these baby animals can grow up healthy, so that people can meet them as soon as possible,” she added. (BTN/015)

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