Enjoy Balinese Pepes at Hotel NEO Denpasar

Enjoy Balinese Pepes at Hotel NEO Denpasar

Creative and really attractive endeavor is showcased by Archipelago International hotel management by working on the local wisdom in the form of food menu. This time, the menu highlighted is Pepes Tuna or tuna cooked in banana leaf wrappings which is delicious and distinctive. This type of menu can be found in all hotel units of Archipelago International Indonesia, where one of which is the Hotel NEO Denpasar. “This Pepes Tuna dish is a special menu during July and August at all Archipelago International Indonesia hotel units,” said Head Chef of Hotel NEO Denpasar, Ni Made Suarmini, on Wednesday (Jul 27).

Pepes is a typical Indonesian menu having existed since the time of our ancestors, and still exists and is even popular until today. There are many choices of protein and vegetables that can be processed into pepes because the unique spices and cooking methods make all foods more savory and fragrant (typical). “Highlighting the pepes theme is meant to make a special menu for this month. Besides, it is also meant to add a feeling of nostalgia for food and relieve the feeling of homesickness,” said this friendly woman.

There is no doubt about this variety of pepes dishes because it has the characteristics of each region, and that is what Archipelago hotels want to highlight. At Hotel NEO Denpasar, for example, they serve a tuna-based pepes menu complemented with a wide selection of sauces, such as onion sauce and spicy tomato sauce. Pepes Tuna is also served with rice, fresh vegetables, fried tempeh and refreshing Watermelon Juice. “Many people ordered this menu,” she added happily.

Pepes is a very familiar food in Bali. There are various ways to process it from protein, seasonings and other complementary ingredients that make this menu can be enjoyed by all people. Hotel NEO Denpasar always tries to promote Indonesian traditional foods, but it can be enjoyed by other domestic and international guests. “Regarding the price of this pepes package, it is very affordable and includes one portion of Pepes Tuna completed with drink. Every purchase of pepes package, you can get a pool package along with towel,” said Suarmini casually. (BTN/015)

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