Enjoy Distinctive Coffee of Buleleng

Enjoy Distinctive Coffee of Buleleng

Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, asked all coffee baristas to unite their perceptions in making a single coffee taste that really show the characteristics of Buleleng coffee. He expressed this after receiving an audience from the barista and coffee farmers of Buleleng, the Swatantra Regional Government Enterprise (PD) and the Agriculture Office on Wednesday (Apr 28).

In addition to uniting perceptions about the taste of Buleleng coffee, Agus Suradnyana also provided input in producing processed coffee that will be ready to compete against coffee from outside Buleleng. On that account, it must really be evaluated starting from the preparation of raw materials to processing methods in order to get a taste that can be called Buleleng coffee. “This is not easy. Later on, I will wait for how the coffee barista will guarantee Buleleng coffee that can be thoroughly enjoyed as a whole by the community,” he said.

Managing Director of PD Swatantra, I Gede Bobi Suryanto, stated the idea of ​​developing Buleleng coffee was initiated by coffee farmers in Buleleng. Then, it was followed up by coffee business players. Furthermore, PD Swatantra moved to market it. With the existence of a unity of perception in realizing coffee with Buleleng characteristics, certainly it is able to increase coffee in terms of production, raw materials to marketing. “We want to increase production and boost coffee prices or the exchange rate of coffee. Hopefully, the coffee production of farmers can have a higher value than the previous market price,” he said.

The coffee production of PD Swatantra, together with the farmers and barista must include consistent taste, quality and quantity as well as guaranteed availability both during the harvest season and beyond it. Thus, according to the direction of the Regent of Buleleng, his party will truly regulate as a whole both in terms of quality of coffee at the beginning of picking and processing of raw materials to become quality coffee and be ready to compete in the market. “In other words, it is intended for both commercial consumption for middle to lower consumers as well as for the middle to upper class,” said Bobi Suryanto.

Chairman of the Buleleng Coffee Farming Community, Ketut Sudisma, stated that actually there are many coffee brands in Buleleng. The meeting with the Regent of Buleleng is an initiative of farmers and business players in the coffee sector together with the Agriculture Office to form a holding company. The holding company will later on unite perceptions about the manufacture of the same product, namely Buleleng coffee. “Afterward, we will market the Buleleng coffee trademark to consumers, so that there is a common perception of the distinctive taste of the Buleleng coffee,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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