Enjoy Japanese Cuisine at Ji Restaurant Bali

Enjoy Japanese Cuisine at Ji Restaurant Bali

The dining atmosphere is very comfortable and safe because it has implemented the highest hygiene standards and strict sanitation protocols of the WHO. “We have prepared a special promotion for culinary lovers. Now, they can enjoy delicious dishes while enjoying the fresh air on Ji’s rooftop,” said Group MarComm Liaison, Stephanie Antolis, recently.

In the restaurant sits an ancient temple aged 300 years and it’s the perfect place to enjoy the red horizon over the Indian Ocean. Dining here offers the ultimate in contemporary Japanese dining experience with a magical and sensual setting of ancient Japan and Oriental. It is Asian-inspired Japanese dishes with the atmosphere of 180-degree views of the ocean. Ji Restaurant Bali has won the Best Restaurant and Cafe category award for years in a row from 2017 to 2019 from Now Bali.

Too Late for Lunch or Too Early for Dinner is promotion with all sushi for IDR 50K every day ranging from 14:00 to 17:00. Customers can also enjoy a leisurely lunch by Canggu’s sparkling waterfront while gobbling up fresh sushi. The menu can be enjoyed alone or in groups, and this sushi never disappoints. There is promotion La Vie En Rose, meaning life is too short not to be celebrated every day. Enjoy this very special Australian Rose Wine promotion for a celebration with the loved ones at IDR 330,000 per bottle. Offers are valid at all locations of Hotel Tugu Bali and Ji Restaurant Bali.

Ji introduces Wagyu Month, namely the serving of special Sake or Japanese gin with signature Tajima Wagyu Degustation Platter of typical Ji or enjoy the Tajima Wagyu MB 7 Tomahawk Steak with friends. Promotion of Ji’s Wagyu starts from IDR 280K served with gin or Japanese sake. Meanwhile, Nomikai is an after-work tradition in Japan which literally means “get together for a drink.” So in the name of tradition, we do it.

In the Nomikai tradition, it is okay to drink heavily with coworkers. Moreover, making an offensive comment in the face of your boss is inexcusable. It will all be considered water (or beer) under the bridge the following day. To welcome the Nomikai celebration, Ji comes with a 30-percent discount on Cocktails, Bintang and All sushi @IDR 50K from 17:00 to 18:30 in the evening and from 21:00 upwards till ends.

Small is Beautiful, finding an unforgettable place for your event where you feel that your health and safety is top priority. “We can help because Ji Restaurant Bali and Hotel Tugu Bali display thematic venue options for your small group with a selection of menu,” explained Stephanie. (BTN/015)

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