Enjoy Jinah River Tubing at Manduang Village, Feel the Sensation…!

Enjoy Jinah River Tubing at Manduang Village, Feel the Sensation…!

Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta, opened the Jinah River Tubing tourist attraction at Manduang Village on Wednesday (Apr 13). The opening was marked by releasing a number of visitors who were enjoying the river flow from a small rubber boat. “Congratulations to headman for being able to open a village potential having not been utilized so far. In the future, it must be developed by involving MSMEs and local cultural arts. Making something is easy, but maintaining it so that it can be sustainable will be more difficult. For this reason, I hope that promotion and maintenance will continuously be carried out. Since it relies on natural potential, the surrounding nature must always be protected,” suggested Regent Suwirta.

Furthermore, Regent Suwirta also reminded to intensify promotions not only through social media but also through special advertisements displayed in public places. The involvement of customary villages, administrative village, tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) and village-owned enterprise (BUMDes) must also be well established and make cooperation with tourism players.

Meanwhile, headman of Manduang, Rai Adi Susanta, stated that prior to opening the tourist attraction, preparations were carried out such as cleaning and arranging routes or paths as well as preparing a transit place. The facilities provided include lockers, towels, changing clothes, bathing areas, guides, tubing, paddles as well as safety equipment such as buoys and helmets. Visitors can choose one of the two packages provided, namely the short package with a distance of 1 kilometer and the long package with a distance of 2.5 km.

“Currently, because it is still in soft opening, a 40-percent discount will be given from the normal ticket price of IDR 100,000 to only IDR 60,000 plus tax. Let’s visit and enjoy the natural beauty of Manduang village from a rubber boat while playing in the water,” said Headman of Manduang, Rai Adi Susanta. (BTN/014)

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