Enjoy Sensation of ‘Intimate Dining Experience’ at Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant

Enjoy Sensation of ‘Intimate Dining Experience’ at Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant

Japanese cuisine is one of the preferred menu choices. So, it’s not wrong if Kojin Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant has been ranked sixth as The Best Restaurant in Bali by TripAdvisor. Along with other restaurants, Kojin–Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant offers Indonesian food, Balinese food, Asian food and Western food. “Do you want to try? Please come to Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant,” said Marketing – Branding Manager, Gratika Ekawati, on Friday (Jan 14).

Kojin is one of the favorite restaurants owned by Aksari Resort Ubud. The famous resort which is a member of Ini Vie Hospitality was also ranked second as The Best Hotels in Bali by TripAdvisor. So, you can imagine how fantastic it is to be in these two special venues. Tourists cannot only eat Japanese specialties from Chef Arief Wibowo, but also staycation at this sensational resort.

Kojin does not only offer a series of the best menus such as: yuzu custard, hamachi, gyu tongue, takenoko, Japanese mushroom salad, tuna tataki to foie gras. Currently, Kojin also offers Omakase, which is a way of ordering Japanese food. “Chef Arief Wibowo himself will create, modify, serve in person and tell what the philosophy or history behind each menu specially prepared for guests. The chef will also ensure that guests receive the freshest ingredients. In other words, with the Omakase, Kojin wants to present an Intimate Dining Experience which is difficult to forget and very memorable for guests when enjoying it,” he assured.

To enjoy this Omakase menu, guests are expected to make a reservation at least one day before arrival. This is because it is made in a very intimate and special way by the Chef himself and the Omakase menu is only available for limited seats per day, with estimated prices that can change at any time. With the Natsu and Ame package menu choices, on different days, guests have received 7 different menu categories. “This is really worth if we look at the way it is made, the menu chosen to the way it is presented. For further information, please contact the WhatsApp of Ini Vie Hospitality Sales team, Arigatō gozaimasu!” closed Gratika Ekawati. (BTN/015)

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