Enjoy Taste of Javanese Coffee at Tugu Kawisari Coffee

Enjoy Taste of Javanese Coffee at Tugu Kawisari Coffee

For lovers of Javanese coffee, there is no need to fly to the Island of Java to be able to taste the pleasure of the most delicious coffee in Indonesia. Just come to the Tugu Kawisari Coffee located adjacent to the Tugu Bali Hotel in the tourist area of ​​Canggu. This shop is filled with a variety of coffee and organic products posing one of the largest coffee producers in the world with five regions that produce the best varieties of coffee beans.

Tugu Kawisari Coffee was founded by the Tugu Group and first introduced to guests of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants. This coffee has its own popularity among guests. Its presence in Bali aims to provide a distinctive taste of Javanese coffee for coffee lovers on the Island of the Gods. Tugu Kawisari Coffee is also available for baristas, café entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. “Now, it can be purchased easily on the website at www.kawisaricoffee.com or you can directly visit the newest store outlet in Canggu,” said Communication Manager, Joshua, on Friday (Sep 10).

Java is one of the areas where the world’s best coffee is grown. On that account, the term ‘a cup of Java’ emerged that has gone worldwide and accompanied by an increase in coffee connoisseurs around the world. “The Tugu Kawisari Coffee plantation is located on the slopes of Mount Kelud not far from Blitar, East Java, spreading across nearly 900 hectares of fertile land surrounded by shady protected forests, waterfalls, and splashing crystal clear mountain water flowing across the coffee plantations that provide dramatic and stunning views,” he said.

Organically grown Robusta and Arabica coffee seedlings got benefit from fertile soil and perfect elevation, resulting in quality coffee beans. The coffee beans are then carefully sorted to get almost flawless coffee beans, this has also earned Tugu Kawisari Coffee a prestigious agricultural product award at AVPA Paris 2019 for its Medium Dark Robusta.

Tugu Kawisari Coffee has a number of other coffee variations such as Robusta roasted using a traditional wood grill, Java Arabica Peaberry and premium Luwak Coffee which is famous throughout the world. For those who want to create a pleasant coffee experience, the Liquor Coffee range is made by combining Arabica coffee beans with various premium alcoholic beverages before roasting which produces an elegant aroma. “In addition, there is also a series of other coffee blends combining coffee beans with spices such as thyme, vanilla, basil and ginger that are roasted for a long time to make a distinctive cup of coffee,” he said.

Tugu Kawisari Coffee offers a variety of other organic products which include tea, honey, spreads, fresh fruit jam to delicious chocolate truffles made with the farm-to-table concept and using quality organic ingredients from the same plantation. Organic product lovers can find a variety of flagship products such as Java Cocoa & Cashew spread and Rosella Buds Tea.

“During the period of September—October every year, the fragrant aroma of coffee flowers spreads throughout the plantation, inviting thousands of bees to swarm the blooming coffee flowers to produce honey coffee products that are rich in benefits that must be in your home,” said Joshua while promoting. (BTN/015)

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