Exceptional Menus of Pesisi Restaurant amid the Pandemic

Exceptional Menus of Pesisi Restaurant amid the Pandemic

During the pandemic, do not be confused looking for a comfortable place to eat. Just come to Pesisi Restaurant and Bar located at The Alantara Sanur at Jalan Tirta Ening No.12, Sanur Kauh, South Denpasar, Denpasar City. In addition to serving a variety of delicious menus, the dining atmosphere is also very cool. This happens because Pesisi Restaurant and Bar at The Alantara Sanur is in the middle of the city with a village atmosphere. The restaurant implements a health protocol by providing complete health care facilities in accordance with the standards set by the government.

Exceptional menus during the pandemic include Barbeque Chicken Wings, Meat Lover Pizza, and Fried Rice. The menus are featured and most ordered when living a new era of life. “That’s because The Alantara Sanur currently has many local markets, so the price and taste are affordable to the local market. The most important thing is the portion as well as the taste pursuant to the visitors to Pesisi Restaurant, but at local prices,” said Restaurant and Bar Manager of The Alantara Sanur, I Wayan Suata, recently.

In matters of hygiene, Restaurant Bar Manager of The Alantara Sanur still makes the main thing. Moreover, during this pandemic, health is very important. Healthy living does not just mean eating vegetables or fruit once in a while or jogging every few weeks, but people must be really consistent and have a commitment in living it. “We now live in an era that is close to fast food because it is more practical. However, all the menus at this restaurant do not use MSG or flavoring, so they are still healthy,” he affirmed.

The Alantara Sanur offers healthy food to tourists which is of course prepared in the right and healthy procedures. In addition, all the ingredients used are also carefully selected with good standards from local farmers in Bali, such as in Plaga Badung, Baturiti Tabanan, and even Kintamani Bangli. In addition to supporting the health of tourists, we are also revitalizing the agricultural economy of Bali. “The Alantara Sanur is always ready to welcome domestic and foreign tourists. Moreover, after the opening of international tourism, the readiness of hotels in the Sanur Village area is increasingly convincing,” he said.

This hotel has ensured that all service standards are in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) set by the government. All of that is by implementing the health protocol strictly. All staff and employees as well as guests are required to implement a PeduliLindungi scan when new guests enter the hotel area. In addition, management is also making updates in several areas on many guest facilities as well as intensifying cooperation in the health sector with several clinics. This is also a preparation for Sanur as a health tourism area. “We saw the potential for health tourism that will exist at Sanur, so that we prepare all of them,” he said.

A New Era Life Order certificate from the Bali Provincial Government and a Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy at hand can provide a sense of security for every in-house guest. Therefore, guests entering the hotel are required to wash their hands, then check their body temperature and scan the PeduliLindungi barcode and some places have lined up to keep their distance. (BTN/015)

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