Exciting Cliff Jumping at Kroya Waterfall

Exciting Cliff Jumping at Kroya Waterfall

For you liking to explore nature tourism,  do not think further simply choose Kroya Waterfall as a destination for traveling. This natural tourist attraction is located at Sambangan Village, Sukasada, Buleleng. It is indeed quite far from Denpasar City, approximately 80 km, but the feeling of boredom will get erased after being able to enjoy and play in this very beautiful nature.

To get there, from Denpasar City you can take the road leading to Lake Beratan, Bedugul, passing through the Wanagiri peak and the Gitgit Waterfall which is about 8 km before Singaraja Town. Kroya Waterfall presents a wonderful natural beauty, and is definitely different. Its crystal-clear water offcers swift sliding from the top of the cliff, so that you can feel it when being under it.

Even though it has a height of only 12 meters, this Kroya Waterfall is quite special. The water flow is quite heavy and at such height can be used for playing slides. For the matter of safety, take it easy because the rocks flowed by the water are quite smooth like artificial slides. So, don’t be surprised if visitors who make a visit to Kroya Waterfall are always interested in testing their adrenaline by playing the slides in the wild.

Foreign tourists often take advantage of this Kroya Waterfall as a place to free fall from the top of the cliff. On that account, the excitement and tension are not inferior to other tourist attractions. This cliff jumping will really test the adrenaline of the visitors. “Even though the height of this jumping spot is only about 5 meters, visitors are still happy and chose this to test their guts. This is also very much supported by a beautiful and very fresh view,” said Acting Head of Marketing for the Buleleng Tourism Office, Elisabeth Maria Parinussa, on Wednesday (Mar 3).

Elisabeth added that happy moments while trekking at Sambangan Village, Buleleng, as well as chatting in the Kroya Waterfall area are widely found on various social media. This proves that from day to day this location is increasingly in demand by tourists or the public. Moreover, it is equipped with trekking tour service deliberately packaged by Sambangan Village as an adventure destination.

“Kroya Waterfall is a natural recreation spot that is safe and comfortable for traveling. We recommend visiting in the dry season because during the rainy season the water tends to be cloudy and the freshness cannot be enjoyed,” she suggested. (BTN/015)

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