Flute Therapy by Gede Indrayana

Flute Therapy by Gede Indrayana

Accustomed to hearing the sound of flute? If you have ever heard the flute’s sound of Gede Indrayana, it must be different. The play of this holistic flautist is not only beautiful, but also spreading a vibration of happiness to every listener. In playing the flute, he combines the ability of reflexology and acupressure healing techniques with the sound healing. “I am pursuing traditional therapy, such as reflection and acupressure and continuously develop sound healing as a medium for treatment apart from entertaining,” said Gede Indrayana on Tuesday (Jan. 5).

The man who was born in 1985 at Mayungan village, Baturiti, Tabanan, is indeed good at playing this bamboo wind instrument. In each performance, he carries a lot of flutes of various types, so that they are able to spread energy through diatonic sounds. “I have been in this profession since 2010. To get healthy can be achieved by healing therapy through massage, music and herbs,” explained the artist who graduated from a nurse academy.

This father of two children admitted that he has been doing his routine as a holistic flute singer for the last three years. Every time the instrument is played, many listeners are immersed in a relaxed atmosphere. Apart from the flute, he also regularly plays guitar, and extended Van Flute and other percussionists. “Nowadays, many people suffer from stress. Songs usually have very high frequency and contain lyrics, emotions and messages. So they are just made mute because the music is listened to entertain, not to make you upset. Here is a solution where vibrations or waves will be able to return people to their original frequency,” he explained.

The man who graduated from Central Jakarta PGI Cikini Nurse Academy explained that the sound healing he plays is not only a medium of healing, but also able to open the door of sustenance because one of the efforts to get sustenance is to be happy first. This is the reason why he is always trusted to entertain some events, both at music concerts and filling breaks in various meetings or celebrations, both birthdays and religious events. “I open the practice for reflection therapy and acupressure or a combination with sound healing and herbal concoctions in the Beringkit and Dalung areas,” he said.

Gede Indrayana, now living at Banjar Negari, Sading village, said that nowadays, laughter therapy has been available to get happiness. Hopefully, when you are happy, fortune will definitely come. “I have been invited to many events at ngenteg linggih, nyambutin, individual and corporate anniversary as well as other celebrations to restore the atmosphere because many people come with different levels of stress. So with the sound of the flute I will neutralize it,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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