Flying Reduced Noodle Soup at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak

Flying Reduced Noodle Soup at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak

The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak presents a unique menu on Gastronomic Tourism which is being held by PHM Hotels in this year 2022. After last year promoting various types of clear soup, this year PHM Hotels chooses to offer noodle dishes. “Noodles are one of Indonesia’s original culinary delights and PHM Hotels really cares about introducing noodle cuisine to the world,” said Marcom of The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, Esty, on Tuesday (Aug 16).

Gastronomy itself has the meaning of a relationship between culinary and culture. On that account, gastronomic tourism is an annual event routinely held at all hotels under the management of PHM Hotels, which currently amounts to 15 units spreading in 8 cities across Indonesia. “At The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, in this series of Gastronomic Tourism activities, the Reduced Noodle Soup is a display of noodles that looks like floating and aesthetically very good for photo beauty in combination with the tantalizing taste of reduced noodle soup with a spicy taste and a mixture of fragrant onion leaves,” she said.

Aside from the Flying Reduced Noodle Soup, The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak also presents processed noodles with a prominent Balinese taste, namely Fried Noodles with Raw Condiment. In this noodle, there is a honey-roasted chicken topping with an abundance of raw condiment on it as we all know that raw condiment having become an idol for local and foreign tourists. “We want to bring the taste of Bali to all our guests, both local and foreign guests, while we introduce processed noodles. At the same time, we’d also like to show that raw condiment is always suitable to be served with various food preparations,” she said.

Chef Soma’s processed noodles are priced at IDR 39,999 net per portion for the two processed menus. The noodles can already be tasted at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak and at Sunny16 Café from August 16, 2022 to November 2022. “While staying at the hotel, in addition to comfortable rooms and friendly staff, we also want to bring Indonesian culinary delights, in this case the Nusantara Noodle Festival which is increasingly recognized by our guests and being proud of Indonesian cuisine,” concluded Esty. (BTN/015)

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