Freshness of Welcome Drink Made of Hibiscus Flowers

Freshness of Welcome Drink Made of Hibiscus Flowers

Gradual recovery of tourism in Bali, especially for foreign tourist visits, has begun to flow, making restaurateurs and operators of tourist destination more creative. They do not only hold wonderful events, but also offer unique promotions. For example, the restaurant at The Alantara Sanur offers a welcome drink as well as a beverage using herbal ingredients, just like in the past. “We have a welcome drink made from hibiscus flowers,” said Restaurant Manager, Putu Mahendra, some time ago.

First of all, the hibiscus flower is boiled with water. After that, the boiled water is mixed with lime and honey, so that it can generate a distinctive taste. Meanwhile, another drink is no less unique than this. It is the herbal drink made from Asian pigeon wing flowers in combination with other ingredients, where all of which are native to Bali. Apart from Asian pigeon wings, there are also tubers such as purple sweet potato. “We have developed some of these ingredients at hotel. Other than for the sake of beauty of the hotel yard, these plants are also taken advantage for drinks,” he said.

Some of Bali’s natural wealth has benefits for the body. For instance, Asian pigeon wing flower is efficacious to be used as an antioxidant, good for maintaining body immunity and maintaining eye health. Additionally, the drinks made from hibiscus flowers function to prevent cancer, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and fight against free radicals. “But for sure, this drink tastes so fresh,” he said.

Then, related to restaurant promotions in the midst of the rise of tourism, Putu Mahendra stated that his party will gradually create several events. The hotel style is more Balinese, so they will hold a Balinese art performance every Friday, such as the Balinese Night Vaganza. “We have a buffet, all you can eat, and then we also have a Balinese dance performance. Similarly, there are acoustics and live cooking buffet here.” (BTN/015)

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