FRii Bali Echo Beach Hotel Demonstrates Healthy Menus

FRii Bali Echo Beach Hotel Demonstrates Healthy Menus

FRii Bali Echo Beach Hotel demonstrated new menu products to customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, the new product is of high quality which can support to increase immunity in living the New Era Bali life order. “We are introducing healthy food which will color the restaurants in this Canggu tourist area hotel. Hopefully, by mid-December 2020, the restaurant will be able to greet customers with a variety of healthy foods,” said Hotel Manager Hasan Bisri at the media gathering on Thursday (Dec 3).

The healthy food menu is not food without meat, but a menu that still serves meat, but there is a definite measure, so that the food has the right nutrition for the body’s needs. Food by managing meat properly can also be called healthy food. Types of the menu include Sauted Seasoning Vegetable (minerals, potassium and vitamin A) and Garlic Rice & Green Peas (carbohydrate and 7 mineral proteins). In addition, there are also Dragon Fruit Smoothies, Bok Coy Yakult, and Hydrator drinks.

In this gathering, he also introduced RedWhite Coffee and other menus that can increase immunity. This activity is also an attempt by the hotel located at Jalan Munduk Catu No 32, Batu Bolong – Canggu, Kerobokan Kuta, Badung, to hold ties with the media and partners. In addition, it is also a form of business collaboration in the hope of attracting community visits. “Our target, guests who stay overnight can be safe and comfortable while staying at FRii Bali Echo Beach Hotel. Currently, our market is domestic tourists. To that end, we offer promotion of up to 50 percent of the published rate,” he said.

In this casual event, Chef Dedy held a cooking demonstration in front of journalists and invited guests. Chef Dedy prepared a healthy menu in the form of Pan Fried Salmon with Egg Yolk Sabayon and Beetroot Salad. The meat as an ingredient is salmon because it contains vitamins A and B. Pan Fried Salmon comes with Egg Yolk Sabayon and Beetroot Salad. “Each type of meat has its own quality, depending on how it is processed. We are only demonstrating a few menus. After this restaurant opens, it will serve a reliable healthy menu,” concluded Chef Dedy. (BTN/015)

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