Front Office as the Key in Hospitality Business

Front Office as the Key in Hospitality Business

In the world of hospitality, the Front Office (FO) plays an important role, in fact it is the main key to the hotel industry business venture. Because, FO is the first line of staff to welcome guests, after the security team. Therefore, an FO must have communication skills when dealing with guests first, understand guests’ complaints and needs so that complaints do not occur, be skilled in time management and always look for ways to help other people. “And for sure, always be friendly and always smile,” said FO Manager of FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud, Nyoman Wiratma, Thursday (Oct 26).

In the hotel industry, the FO has different responsibilities and is not the same as the Front Office in other industries. FO is a department whose activities are more related to hotel operations themselves. Not to mention when facing complaining guests. “If a guest has a complaint, I usually deal with it by accepting and listening to his complaint well, by showing a sense of empathy and I never interrupt when the guest is speaking,” explained the man who has been working as a FO for 33 years.

After hearing all the complaints, Wiratma then tried to quickly handle and follow up patiently. However, the most important thing is to quickly provide a solution, so that guests who previously complained then accept all the reasons given. “This is the sorrow as a FO who has to remain calm and patient when handling complaints or wishes of guests. While the joy, we can communicate or interact directly with guests from various parts of the world,” said Wiratma casually.

Aside from being friendly enough, a FO’s job also serves as a guest advisor who provides advice on guests’ needs during their stay at the hotel to ensure satisfaction. Therefore, the FO must have detailed and deft skills in viewing guest data or accounts obtained through the check-in system and those who will be checking out. “A lot of reading and experience can improve your ability to serve guests,” he said.

For Wiratma himself, holding the position as FO Manager is not easy. Initially his party carried out training seriously, then it is proved the ability through competency tests, especially in the Front Office Department. Even though having knowledge about tourism, one may not be immediately fluent as an FO. Apart from knowledge and skills, experience is also important, especially experience in dealing with people with various characters. “In order to be comfortable while working, the FO department will much try to create a good working environment, and cooperation between departments must be maintained,” concluded this friendly man. (BTN/015)

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