FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud Invites Long Stay Guests to Plant Trees

FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud Invites Long Stay Guests to Plant Trees

World Tree Day which falls every 21 November was warmly welcomed by FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud together with the staff holding a ceremonial free planting program for long stay guests. This time inviting Mr. & Mrs. Robert Owen, one of the long stay guests who has stayed 20 days at the Villa.

The activity was carried out at FX Lawn, FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud at exactly 10.00 am with a cool atmosphere and warm sun, the staff and guests started a tree planting ceremony as a form of maintaining nature and environmental sustainability.

Attended by I Wayan Sumandia (General Manager Sales) and I Gusti Eka Murthi (General Manager Operations) and several other Heads of Departments took part in this tree planting activity simultaneously, Ubud, 21 November 2022.

Mr. & Mrs. Owen as the guest of honor started planting the guava plants that had been provided, compactly they did not hesitate to play with hoes, shovels and soil.
Lastly, they symbolically gave a plate with their name and the Latin name of the plant they planted themselves, namely “Psidium Guajava”.

I Wayan Suamandia said that “this activity is a routine activity for long stay guests for more than 10 days at our villa and wants to provide a new experience to guests”.

The hope is that guests can come again next year to see the planted plants are thriving and bearing fruit. In addition, it is also a memento for guests that they left a beautiful plant that they planted. “We want to instill and transmit the sign of loving nature and maintaining the sustainability of nature to all management and our guests, one of which is through this at the moment of World Tree Day,” said Mr. Gusti Eka Murthi as GM Operations.

Where the impact of planting your own trees will make the air cleaner, reduce global warming, and absorb air pollution. Collaborative activities between CSR and guest experiences like this are what FuramaXclusive Ubud wants to build, so that we can both maintain the sustainability of nature in tourism. (BTN/r)

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