Gathering 2022 at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak

Gathering 2022 at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak

Friendly and full of togetherness were the atmosphere of the gathering at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak on Friday night (Apr 22). The activity, which took advantage of the moment of the month of Ramadan, was followed by the media and travel agent partners as a form of gratitude and appreciation for helping and supporting The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak during the pandemic. “On behalf of the management, I’d like express my gratitude for the support extended so far,” stated General Manager of The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, I Wayan Karta, during his speech.

The month of Ramadan is the right moment to share joy with family and friends. The month of Ramadan, which has been running for three weeks, is still strong for Muslims in Bali, not least at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak. Portabella Bistro, the main restaurant owned by The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, was the topic of presentation highlighting several agendas, including the announcement of the official rebranding of the previous name, namely Fontana Hotel Bali to The 1O1 brand, namely The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, right on February 1, 2021.

On that occasion, it was filled with introducing flagship products that could refresh the participants. For example, the room highlighted this year is the Japanese-style Family Room, which is unique and very prominent with a Japanese theme. It was followed with a house tour to several hotel rooms, especially the tatami room or the Japanese-style room. Besides, there was a cooking demo by Chef Soma to introduce the newest signature dish that will be highlighted this year, namely Spaghetti Rendang. At the end of the event, it was closed by breaking the fast accompanied by live music.

Meanwhile, Director of Sales of The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, Agung Dewi, also explained the product. She stated that the gathering is a casual activity to establish friendship with media colleagues and travel agent partners to open business opportunities and collaborations in the future. “There are more than 80 invited guests consisting of media, travel agents and sponsors who attended tonight’s activity at the Portabella Bistro, we are very grateful,” she said.

The event took place with great joy because the hotel provided the best restaurant services and products for the evening’s event. It started with a welcome drink and canapés with various flavors, and then added with the Nusantara Buffet and grill corner. Not to forget is the dessert and takjil or fasting-break snack which are very appetizing. It was closed with a door prize drawing for seven vouchers which were drawn including three vouchers for IDR 150K at Sunny16 Café & Portabella Bistro, two vouchers at Suma Spa and two other vouchers to stay at Deluxe Pool View at The 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak. (BTN/015)

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