Gede Ngurah Dewantara Narottama Elected as UHA Chairman for 2022–2024

Gede Ngurah Dewantara Narottama Elected as UHA Chairman for 2022–2024

Gede Ngurah Dewantara Narottama was elected as Chairman of the Ubud Hotel Association (UHA) for the period of 2022–2024. This General Manager of Santi Mandala Resort & Spa managed to get rid of two candidates namely Resort Manager of Puri Gangga Resort & Spa, Putu Surya Arysoma, and Regional Director of Operations and General Manager of SereS Springs Resort & Spa Singakerta, I Nyoman Prabawa, after the election carried out through a live voting process using Google Form on Friday, (Feb 4).

Gede Ngurah Dewantara Narottama received 54.1 percent of the votes, I Nyoman Prabawa received 25.7 percent while Putu Surya Arysoma only received 17.6 percent of the vote. “I’d like to express my gratitude for being trusted to be Chairman of the UHA. It is a great honor for me to be trusted by other colleagues who are much more senior and remarkable!” said Dewantara excitedly in his first speech as Chairman of the UHA.

As the new Chairman of the UHA, he hoped that UHA will remain a united organization. All members are equal and no one is superior or inferior. All members are free to express their opinions and participate in the common interest, and are free from individual political interests. “In principle, it is a devotional work and brotherhood and working together for Ubud and the UHA,” he added, accompanied by thunderous applause from the UHA members who were present at the election at that time.

Meanwhile, the previous Chairman of the UHA, Gede Karilo, advised to maintain the cohesiveness of the UHA members. He also congratulated him. “Congratulations on the election of Dewantara as Chairman of the UHA for the period of 2022-2024. Hopefully, we can always collaborate in togetherness to build Ubud and continue the vision and mission of the UHA,” he said proudly.

He added that becoming a Chairman of an organization with a broad scope is not easy. The great responsibility to carry the reputation of the organization and to become an umbrella for hotels across Ubud is a noble task which is expected to be able to jointly develop tourism and restore the former glory of Ubud.

The three candidates had their own vision and mission to make UHA even better and maintain its existence in the world of Bali hospitality industry. Candidates were required to campaign for all UHA members starting from Monday (Jan 31) through Friday (Feb 4). The campaign itself was carried out on all personal social media of each UHA chairman candidate in the form of e-flyers, videos or photos. In the election process, the active committee is neutral and allowed to elect the UHA chairman at the time of the election. (BTN/015)

(Gede Ngurah Dewantara Narottama (Right))

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