GIBB Implements Health Protocol Pursuant to Green Hotel Concept

GIBB Implements Health Protocol Pursuant to Green Hotel Concept

Grand Inna Bali Beach (GIBB) is responsive to living a new era of life in accordance with government policies when the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) is endemic in Bali and Indonesia. “GIBB always applies the health protocol by maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel area so that it remains neat and creates comfort, and always applies a healthy lifestyle to provide a sense of security for employees and hotel guests,” said General Manager (GM) of GIBB, Lully Juliarina, on Monday (Aug 2).

The holder of Green Hotel certificate of the Denpasar City Tourism Office has always applied the Green Hotel concept in all fields as a form of its concern for the environment in hotel operations. For example, the policies of green team and organizations, eco-friendly hotel management, absorption of local content, conservation and efficiency of energy, water, maintaining land and air quality inside and outside the building and controlling noise or noise pollution. “The advantages of this hotel are also in the preservation of local culture to protect the environment as well as a form of promotion and efficiency,” he said.

At that time, GIBB had established a green team which is responsible for the implementation of the program including saving electricity and water, increasing greenery in the hotel area, implementing a recycling system and so on. “They serve as an effort to keep the environment beautiful,” said the woman who has a wealth of experience in tourism.

The historic hotel established in 1963 and originally named Bali Beach Hotel is the first hotel in Sanur. It has become an icon for having an open green area which is extensive enough to reach nearly 42 hectares and has a variety of plants, both the local and rare. In addition to focusing on environmental health and cleanliness, hotel employees also participate in environmental conservation that can provide positive vibrations.

During the pandemic and when the government issued a policy for the Imposition of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM), and according to the direction of the Governor, GIBB works to adapt to existing conditions. “We are dividing ourselves in work operations. Apart from optimizing in providing the best services and comfort for guests, we also make arrangements,” she added.

Lully Juliarina explained that each department has areas that must be cleaned up. It starts from the outdoor area and continues to the indoor area. “However, before carrying out these tasks, it is certain that all employees have passed the stages of checking their body temperature, washing hands and cleaning hands with hand sanitizers and they are required to always wear masks,” she said.

Each department is responsible for their own garden work, starting from cleaning up the garden area, replacing wilted or dead plants to arranging them beautifully, so that the garden becomes neat and attractive. The employees on duty also ensure that all facilities are in good condition, including health protocol facilities. “This facility is very important in educating and changing everyone’s behavior to always maintain cleanliness and health,” she explained.

The cleanliness of indoor areas such as rooms, meeting rooms and offices is prioritized by the Housekeeping Department. Every room is cleaned up with disinfectants and eco-friendly liquid as an effort to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Room windows are always opened, mattresses and pillows are also dried in the sun every day in the tower, garden or resort. This is to maintain room air circulation and provide sunlight into the room, so that the room condition is comfortable and at the same time cleanliness and health are well maintained. “They also ensure that electricity and water are turned off for rooms, and rooms that are not in use. These methods are carried out as a form of cost efficiency in the midst of this pandemic,” she explained.

Likewise, the implementation of health protocols in restaurants is very strict. Aside from being equipped with health care facilities, the seats have also been arranged as a way of adjusting the distance. Chefs have also implemented it to keep the quality of food hygienic. “I am now just encouraging them to be more active and add new activities. They have been doing it all for a long time. Everything they do has been in accordance with the Clean, Health, Safety & Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) hygiene standards,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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