Gilimanuk, a Hidden Paradise on the Island of Bali

Gilimanuk, a Hidden Paradise on the Island of Bali

Once upon a time, you must make your time for a trip to Gilimanuk, a tourist area located in Jembrana District. This area is an urban village located on the western tip of the Island of Bali facing the Island of Java, and it is only separated by the Bali Strait. Gilimanuk included in Melaya Subdistrict, Jembrana, is not only famous as a ferry port which is the gateway to Bali from the Island of Java, but also as a very attractive tourist area. The distance is very close, approximately 47 minutes by driving car from the Capital of Jembrana District.

Head of the Jembrana Tourism and Culture Office, Kadek Mirah Ananta Sukma Dewi, said that facilities to this area are quite good, so tourists can come by using public or private transportation. As an entry point, Gilimanuk develops into a small town with a heterogeneous population whose livelihoods are fishermen, service providers, traders, public and private employees as well as laborers. “When people arrive at Gilimanuk port, they will have the opportunity to enjoy their vacation in person. It happens because Gilimanuk is very rich in tourist attractions,” she added.

The first tourist spot that can be visited is the Shiva Park. As soon as getting out of the port door, visitors will be greeted by a positive aura spread by the Lord Shiva Statue. This blue statue stands majestically in front of the port and directly overlooks the Gilimanuk terminal. In this park, visitors can relax and have recreation with family in the gazebo. While sitting here, visitors can enjoy the view of Gilimanuk Bay Beach against the backdrop of the Prapat Agung Peninsula belonging to the exotic West Bali National Park area,” he explained.

The West Bali region holds the potential and tourist attractions that are very attractive and friendly for family tourism. This area is very rich in tourist attractions, ranging from underwater tourism (snorkeling and diving), beach views, mangroves, and various cultures and religions. Gilimanuk Bay Beach is truly enchanting which can only be found here. Especially on the beach, it is rich in green plants. “Visitors can see the existence of a small Sand Island in the middle of the sea, commonly known as Pasir Timbul,” she said.

The sand island is very small and only appears during low tide. By and large, it is used as the venue of romantic dinner or favorite spot by foreign tourists. On the Pasir Timbul or Raised Sand there is a romantic dinner package if you happen to stay at the Bombora Medewi Wavelodge Hotel. This package begins with a mangrove tour by boat and then ends with a dinner on the raised sand. Well, while being here tourists can try several activities, such as boat rides, snorkeling and diving, culinary tours and many others.  “Tourist attractions in West Bali are no less interesting than those in South Bali. And one thing for sure, once trying, tourists will definitely be impressed,” convinced Mirah Ananta Sukma Dewi. (BTN/015)

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