Go High at Houbii Spot Bali, a New Tourist Attraction in Ubud

Go High at Houbii Spot Bali, a New Tourist Attraction in Ubud

Traveling in Bali will be turning definitely more comfortable. Tourist objects and attractions continuously grow, so that there are more choices for tourists while on vacation on the Island of the Gods. Call it the Houbii Spot Bali which was officially opened on March 8, 2023 in the area of Tanadewa Resort & Spa Ubud by Cross Collection, Ubud. In this game, visitors are invited to experience a new adventure in the cool tropical nature of Ubud. “Houbii Spot Bali is the best way to have fun in a beautiful, green, natural and full of adventure environment,” said General Manager, Edo Ariesta Afriyanto.

Here, tourists can discover the natural beauty of Bali, while challenging themselves with adrenaline-pumping activity. At Houbii Spot Bali, tourists can experience a new adventure in the tropical nature of Ubud, Bali. This adventure ground spreading across an area of 1,882 square meters is the largest in Indonesia, built amidst the tropical nature of Ubud, Bali, with views of lush rice fields and winding rivers. “This Rope Course ride is guaranteed to become a popular place for both adults and children with the opportunity to try out the high ropes course or enjoy the tranquility,” he added.

Houbii Spot Bali has an adventure track featuring various activities, consisting of two exciting sections. Each section can get adrenaline pumping, such as the extreme track with a height of 10 meters divided into 19 adrenaline-pumping obstacles and exploring rides, high above the ground. Meanwhile, the second one is leisure track with a height of 1 meter divided into 19 obstacles, and can be used for children and adults. “Well, more interestingly, Houbii Spot Bali features several special routes that are appropriate with visitors of all ages, where each of which has a unique level of complexity,” he explained.

Some trails are set differently in accordance with skill level and of course the age. If you are in Bali, this Houbii Spot Bali Ubud must be visited. Apart from Ubud being a popular destination for many tourists (both local and foreign ones), its characteristics are also extraordinary. Its recreational facilities are plentiful, and they are well located, too. “Luckily for Houbii Spot Bali, the Rope Course ride is right in the middle of Bali’s Tropical Nature – a quiet and spacious place that highlights the diversity of botany of Bali,” he added.

What’s more, Houbii Spot Bali is a family-friendly recreational facility with activities designed for all ages and abilities. This means that everyone can join in the fun without anyone being left out. For safety issues, ranger will provide an initial safety briefing and other lane instructions. General guidance to help players get to know the basics of the activity (including how the activity is carried out, the best way to use equipment, and so on) as well as specifics regarding the safe use of slings, harnesses and carabiners while on the course.

Curious? Houbii Spot Bali opens from 10.00 am–18.00 pm Local Time every day. Houbii Spot Bali also offers a membership program, namely Individual Membership which is valid for 6 months or 12 months. “Each member also has the privilege to start playing as much as they want for 6-12 months to get discounted prices at other Houbii outlets such as Houbii Club Bogor and Jump City Club Ciledug,” concluded Edo Ariesta Afriyanto accompanied by Commissioner of PT Bima Cakrawali. (BTN/015)

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