Governor Koster Appoints Tumpek Krulut as ‘Valentine’s Day’

Governor Koster Appoints Tumpek Krulut as ‘Valentine’s Day’

Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, proclaimed the Tumpek Krulut as a celebration of Valentine’s Day of Balinese version having been stated in the Circular of the Governor of Bali Number 04/2022 concerning the Ways of Life of the Balinese People based on the Values ​​of Local Wisdom of Sad Kerthi in the New Era of Bali.

So far, a number of Balinese people celebrate Valentine’s Day every February 14 as a day of love, which is not actually Balinese culture. “It’s time for us to carry out ‘Valentine’s Day’ on every Tumpek Krulut that we have in Bali as a sublime legacy from the ancestors which should be preserved, disseminated and implemented by the government together with the Balinese people,” said Governor Koster.

As is known, for the first time the government and the community have carried out the Tumpek Uye celebration simultaneously throughout Bali on Saturday Kliwon Uye (Jan 29), smoothly and successfully. All components of Balinese society from the provincial to the village level welcomed with enthusiasm and dedication to celebrate the Tumpek Uye.

Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, directly led the Tumpek Uye celebration located at Lake Buyan, Buleleng. He was present accompanied by the Chairman of the Bali House of Representatives, the Regional Secretary of Bali Province, Regional Agency Heads and staff, and the entire community around Lake Buyan with a total of more than 2,000 people.

The activity began with the Danu Kerthi ceremony and the otonan (birthday) of animals performed by Ida Sri Bhagawan Putra Natha Nawa Wangsa Pamayun. It was then followed by praying together, releasing animals and cleaning up plastic waste around Lake Buyan.

Furthermore, Governor Koster will also carry out the Tumpek Wayang, Tumpek Landep, Tumpek Wariga, Tumpek Kuningan and Tumpek Krulut celebrations in accordance with Circular Number 04/2022 concerning Life Procedures for Balinese People Based on Sad Kerthi’s Local Wisdom Values ​​in the New Era of Bali.

The Tumpek Wayang celebration will be held on Saturday (Mar 5), Tumpek Landep on Saturday (Apr 9), Tumpek Wariga on Saturday (May 14), Tumpek Kuningan on Saturday (Jun 18) and Tumpek Krulut on Saturday (Jul 23). The entire Tumpek celebration, based on Sad Kerthi’s Local Wisdom Values, is the implementation of the vision “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali” through the Planned Universal Development Pattern towards a New Era of Bali.

The Governor of Bali hoped that the Tumpek celebration will be carried out continuously so that it becomes a lifestyle for the Balinese people. The celebration is one of the most fundamental, essential, and strategic efforts in building the character, identity, and quality of life of the Balinese people in facing the dynamics of the times and modernization on a local, national and global scale. (BTN014)

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