Griya Santrian Beach Resort & Spa Obtains CHSE Certification

Griya Santrian Beach Resort & Spa Obtains CHSE Certification

Griya Santrian Beach Resort & Spa has successfully obtained the Clean, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certification from the Denpasar City Tourism Office. “Meanwhile, the certification from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is in the process of being finalized,” said General Manager, IB Sidharta Putra, amid the handover of the CHSE certificate, some time ago.

Sidharta Putra, who is familiarly addressed as Gusde, stated that the certification is a form of assurance to the public that the products and services provided had met the standard protocols for health, cleanliness, safety and environmental sustainability. “This is also a form of commitment of the Griya Santrian to creating a safe and hygienic environment for its guests and employees. Besides, it is to provide a worry-free stay experience,” he said.

The CHSE certification is obtained after a thorough audit where a team of independent auditors reviews and checks firsthand all sanitation and hygiene protocols implemented by the hotel. The aspects examined include the availability and application of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for the cleanliness, health and safety of employees, guests, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other parties doing activities at the hotel.

List of application of the new era life order in the tourism business of Denpasar City at Griya Santrian is available with complete facilities. The facilities include a place to wash hands with equipment at a distance, hand sanitizers in the tourism accommodation area, signs for hand washing and hand sanitizers in places that are easily seen, and a body temperature measuring device (thermo gun or thermo scanner) at the entrance to the lobby and restaurant. “Body temperature of guests is checked with a thermo gun or thermo scanner. If the temperature reaches 37.3oC or more, the guests concerned will be referred to related parties for further treatment,” he explained.

The next facilities such as masks for visitors or tourists are provided for free. Likewise, there are information board for health protocol appeal, non-cash payment facilities, cleaning with disinfectants of all equipment and facilities touched by guests, employees and related parties before and after use or every 4 hours, avoiding physical touch when serving guests, having an interaction management system with a minimum distance of one meter and having a queue management system with a minimum distance of one meter.

Similarly, seating arrangement system is applied with a minimum distance of one meter and so is the crowd control system. There is also the setting of operational hours according to policies set by the local government in accordance with statutory provisions, provision of training for employees to implement health protocols, formation of special officers to monitor protocols for the new era of life order, preparation of an emergency case management system and regulation of health protocols, including spitting, coughing, and sneezing in the area. (BTN/015)

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