Gut Check at D’Tegal ATV Adventure. Here Is the Challenge

Gut Check at D’Tegal ATV Adventure. Here Is the Challenge

If you feel confident as an adventurer, try exploring the D’Tegal ATV Adventure track at Gumbrih tourism village, Pekutatan, Jembrana. It must be fun, impressed and addictive. It does not only have a challenging track, but also offers a very beautiful natural atmosphere, so it can provide a different experience. “D’Tegal ATV Adventure is in great demand by tourists and local people. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are usually crowded,” said I Made Pasek Wiriandana, the owner of D’Tegal ATV Adventure.

D’Tegal ATV, located at Gumbrih Village, is a village rich in tourist objects and is supported by a beautiful mountainous geography. The fields, diverse plantations and charming rice fields are always interesting to enjoy. “The natural beauty of this village can be enjoyed by driving around on an ATV. Each trip is accompanied by a guide who will provide an explanation regarding each object. Each rider is also equipped with complete safety equipment to create a sense of security,” said Operations Manager of D’Tegal ATV Adventure, I Gede Eka Tri Ardana.

So, this D’Tegal ATV ride is perfect for adventure travelers while enjoying a new and natural atmosphere. Each path prepared going through the residents’ gardens, rivers and muddy soil texture is very interesting and challenging to conquer. “Visitors who have never ridden an ATV, don’t be afraid and don’t worry. We at D’Tegal ATV Adventure will provide brief training on how to play ATV properly and correctly, on a special track prepared (study track),” said the man who is familiarly addressed as De Tangsi.

D’Tegal ATV Adventure has 3 (three) different types of track, namely a long track with a length of ± 4 km, a medium track with a length of ± 2 km, a short track with a length of ± 600 meters. The location is the same, namely getting around at the start and finish point of D’Tegal ATV Adventure for the short track.

For the medium track and long track, the path will go out from the start and finish location, along the river, rice fields, and residents’ gardens. After being satisfied driving, the guests are also served with a variety of foods at D’Tegal food stalls. The menu served is very unique, namely the local specialties of Gumbrih Village. This food stall can be used as a fun hangout place for all people, especially the millennial,” he explained.

De Tangsi, who manages this tour, admitted that there are 6 ATV motorbikes provided with the capacity of 150cc and 1 unit with 200cc. Each rider will be equipped with both shoes and a helmet. “We just opened starting in August 2020. Right when we opened, we were immediately affected by the pandemic. During this pandemic, we provide a 10 percent discount for those who play long tracks and get free mineral water. Come on, try our track,” asked De Tangsi with a friendly smile. (BTN/015)

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