Half a Century of Griya Santrian Maintains a Sustainable Tourism Business

Half a Century of Griya Santrian Maintains a Sustainable Tourism Business

Griya Santrian Resort becoming the forerunner of the Santrian Group’s business was half a century old on May 1, 2022. In celebrating the golden anniversary, the management wanted to remember and re-introduce the thoughts of the founder of the Santrian Group, Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung, who passed away a year ago. “We want to re-emphasize the legacy and spirit of Ratu Peranda in pioneering the business having grown up to these days. Ratu Peranda founded Griya Santrian to present Sanur’s identity with natural beauty and the nobility of tradition and culture that we will continue to protect,” said Director of Griya Santrian, Ida Bagus Gede Sidhartha Putra, on Monday (May 23).

Gusde, as he is familiarly addressed, stated that although the Covid-19 pandemic had ravaged various businesses, including that of the Griya Santrian, it did not dampen the togetherness to rise again as tourist visits began to gradually grow. “We would like to dedicate this milestone to Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung as the founding father as well as all employees, both the active and retired ones, who are loyal to us at every step so that we become a resort with superior value in service to guests who want to be with us or staying at Griya Santrian,” he said.

Griya Santrian Resort is also making improvements in line with the development of the tourism world. The restoration and addition of hotel buildings has not changed one hundred percent, but still maintains several properties such as the lobby or front office area, Wantilan Restaurant, rooms in the right wing area near the beach as well as an open stage with a candi bentar or split gates that remains sturdy and delightful. This is done to maintain the spirit instilled by Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung.

The effort continues to grow and expand into a business network under auspices of the Santrian Group, including Griya Santrian Beach Resort, Puri Santrian Beach Resort, The Royal Santrian Luxury Beach Villas, The Village Restaurant, Soya Restaurant, Arena Pub and Restaurant, Arena Living, The Village Home, and Seawalker.

Gusde further explained that a series of events were held to interpret the golden age of Griya Santrian, including blood donation, social service to the Semara Putra Orphanage in Klungkung, releasing turtle hatchlings and planting coral reefs. In addition, it also conducted pilgrimage to Uluwatu Temple, Narmada Temple and Sakenan Temple, video screening at Cinepolis Plaza Renon as well as cultural dialogue with the theme The Gait of Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Dwija Ngenjung as the Pioneer of Balinese Culture and Tourism.

Peak of the event was held on May 26, 2022 entitled Griya Santrian Golden Legacy Night by inviting employees, both the retired and active ones, to gather while reminiscing about the past as well as sharing stories on their journey to dedicate themselves to Griya Santrian. (BTN/015)

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