Hang Out with Fun at the Skena Lightbulb Canggu

Hang Out with Fun at the Skena Lightbulb Canggu

If you are traveling in the tourist area of ​​Canggu, stop by Skena Coffee. This coffee shop, located at Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan No.10, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, does not only offer delicious menus, but also serves a great coffee drinking atmosphere. So, Skena Coffee should be taken into consideration when choosing a coffee shop.

“The menus here are so varied starting from coffee, non-coffee to snacks,” said the owner, Brian, on the sidelines of drinking coffee with reporters at the Canggu Lightbulb Scene, on Monday (Mar 29).

Some of the Skena’s prominent menus are Baileys Latte, Lychee Lime, and V60 Manual Brew. Apart from selling liquid coffee that can be drunk immediately, Skena also sells coffee beans and coffee sachets that can be purchased at Tokopedia and Shopee marketplace. For sachet coffee, the concept is minimalist and equipped with how to make it. “As the owner, I started a coffee shop in Surabaya with bottled coffee. At first, I had to serve the coffee for the guests alone until having a coffee shop in Surabaya Town Square,” he said.

As a newcomer, Skena does not only offer drinks and snacks like other coffee shops. “With the tagline ‘We rise by lifting other’s,’ Skena wants to collaborate with creative workers as well as the surrounding communities, several local bands have filled the performance of Skena, including Red Wine, Minara, Shama, Gandrausa & The Goofeygober,” added Brian.

According to him, this coffee shop is named Skena having two meanings. Firstly, it comes from an English loanword scene which refers to a literal ‘scene.’ If associated with the world of music, ‘Skena’ is a word describing the world of music as an environment where the interaction between the audience and musicians as a community occurs. Secondly, it comes from three compound words, namely Sua (meet), cengKErama (chat), kelaNA (wander off). “If it is interpreted modestly, when we meet, we chat, and then if we have any project or collaboration, we will wonder off together,” he explained.

Together with James as partner, Brian opened the Skena Lightbulb in early March 2021. The Lightbulb scene does not only sell coffee and non-coffee, but also alcoholic drinks and breakfast. “This scenario is present in Bali, none other than to support the community in order to have a hub or a place to meet, chat, and wonder off. So if there is an event, community friends from Surabaya can go to Bali and vice versa. In Bali, aside from coffee shops, above there are also inns, Skena living, which are quite affordable. So, if you want to play, you do not need to be confused any longer,” added James promoting. (BTN/015)

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1 Comment

  • Brian Skena
    July 29, 2021, 10:19 AM

    I had no idea I owned a coffee shop in Bali, weird.


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