Having a Promenade on Berawa Beach

Having a Promenade on Berawa Beach

Take a walk on Berawa Beach really feels comfortable. Moreover, enjoying the atmosphere of the beach in the morning will feel more different. The beach is indeed very good for filling holidays, and very appropriate for inviting children to swim. Wide beach lips with friendly waves and black sparkling beach sand can create a sense of serenity. If you have time, it will be very interesting if you can have a promenade along the beach to Legian Beach and Kuta Beach. Wow, definitely it is very comfortable to enjoy sunset.

Berawa Beach is located at Tibubenang Village, North Kuta subdistrict, Badung. This tourist attraction is known as a beach located close to the Canggu tourist area. Visitors to the beach are not as busy as Kuta Beach, but that is the reason for tourists to come because the atmosphere is quieter. This beach has big waves becoming the main charm of the tourist area. Besides, various other attractive things can also be found on this beach.

To get to Berawa Beach is very easy. It has lots of access and is close to several other fascinating tourist spots, such as Echo Beach. In addition to the waves and wonderful scenery, this beach is suitable for testing the abilities of surfers. The beach area also offers stunning facilities and accommodations. Various accommodations, restaurants and other supporting facilities are available on this beach. Interestingly, the beach now has a bridge for walks with a cool atmosphere. (BTN/015)

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