Having Honeymoon at Amarea Resort

Having Honeymoon at Amarea Resort

It is undeniable that Ubud, dubbed as the fourth Tourist City in the world, even beats Kyoto and Seoul and still the dream of local and foreign residents while on vacation to the Island of the Gods. Aside from being famous for its place that has beautiful and authentic natural panoramas, Ubud is interesting to be used as a healing space or honeymoon destination. “Therefore, Amarea Resort Ubud has become a favorite for tourists,” said Vie Hospitality’s Marketing-Branding Manager, Gratika Ekawati, on Monday (Feb 5).

Amarea Resort Ubud, which is under the management of Ini Vie Hospitality, has become prominent, even before the resort was opened in mid-December 2021. Domestic and foreign tourists choose this resort as a place to calm the mind, even a place to heal. “Even its Instagram followers are now almost touching 13.5K, not even a month before this resort was launched. As the sales team of Ini Vie Hospitality, which manages the Amarea, we were overwhelmed by the extraordinary enthusiasm of the guests who were interested in a staycation,” she explained.

Amarea Resort Ubud offers four different room types namely the Ubud Room, Ubud Suite, Ubud Cottage as well as Two-Bedroom Forest View Villa. This resort, which applies a Modern Tropical Industrial concept, is equipped with Balinese contemporary mural accents that make anyone who is here feel reluctant to leave. With a perfect blend of Balinese and modern concepts that are minimalist yet homey, this Hidden Gem Resort is equipped with a bathtub in the Suite, Cottage, and Two-Bedroom Forest View Villa rooms.

Apart from a comfortable and iconic public pool, a private pool is also available at Two-Bedroom Forest View Villa. For guests who still want to exercise during their staycation here, do not worry because here the resort offers a beautiful and Instagrammable Yoga Venue. Of course, apart from being able to be used as a yoga venue, it can also be used as a minimalist but intimate wedding venue. With a path that is prominent with beautiful Balinese nuances and the roof of the Ubud Cottage with a tropical concept, this resort has been named Top #5 The Best Hotel in Ubud by TripAdvisor.

For honeymooners aspiring to celebrate their honeymoon here, Amarea Resort Ubud, located on Jalan Sawah Indah Gang Amarea No 8, Ubud, also offers a sweet and intriguing Romantic Staycation Package. “We are happy to wait for you to try and enjoy the atmosphere at Amarea Resort Ubud,” she invited. (BTN/015)

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