Head of BVA Gives Training to Prospective Workers and Tourism Workers

Head of BVA Gives Training to Prospective Workers and Tourism Workers

The condition of the villa and hotel is indeed quiet due to the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. However, the enthusiasm of the workers or prospective tourism workers must be encouraged to remain optimistic, so that their mind becomes calm and has the effect of increasing immunity. “As a tourism player, I personally want to share my experiences with young people who have just finished college or who are still carrying out on the job training. I want to encourage them to stay vigilant and improve their quality as tourist servants,” said General Manager of Villa Kayu Raja, Gede Nik Sukarta, on Monday (Jul 12).

In the training activity, Gede Nik Sukarta also invited fellow students, both those of Diploma 4 or Undergraduate program who have not worked yet to be given experience in the hospitality industry. The topic given in the activity is Service Excellence. “This training is a form of moral obligation and giving, the most important thing is that they understand how to prepare themselves if they still want to work in the hospitality industry. This is part of my personal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),” said the Chairman of the Bali Villa Association (BVA).

The training activity was carried out at Villa Kayu Raja by setting up a meeting room commonly used. Providing free training is a form of moral responsibility. The training participants were given a certificate as a form of having participated in the training. “The participants are very enthusiastic and happy because they have been supported by the Head of the Bali Tourism Office. To that end, we would like to express our gratitude to the Head of the Bali Tourism Office who has supported this activity,” concluded this energetic man. (BTN/015)

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