Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival 2022 Supports Bali Tourism Awakening

Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival 2022 Supports Bali Tourism Awakening

Dozens of models supported by more than 20 well-known designers from all over Indonesia will take part in the Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival 2022. The national event with the theme #BaliBangkit (#RisingBali) and “It’s Time for Bali” will take place at the Secret Garden Village from today until the peak of July 3, 2022. “The Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival is to support the rise of Bali tourism, the economy and fashion, which have been slumped for two years due to Covid-19. This includes helping local MSMEs,” said YMM owner, Yongki Perdana, at the Herborist Bali Fashion press conference at Secret Garden Village on Tuesday (Mar 29).

Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival 2022 held by YMM Model, Herborist brand owned by PT Victoria Care Indonesia and Secret Garden Village as well as supported by Wonderful Indonesia aims to support the rise of Bali tourism. The concept started from concern that Bali’s economy had been torn apart by a pandemic for two years, so that it took the initiative to organize an event. “We are holding it in North Bali, so that North Bali tourism can be better known by tourists, so that tourists know that Secret Garden Village is a very beautiful tourist spot. Herborist is a proven product, so that we hope that the event can contribute to Bali and tourism,” he said.

Operations Director of PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk, Sumardi Widjaja, stated that the event is not only a forum for the creativity of local designers, but also to help improve the economy and tourism in Bali. Herborist as Wonderful Indonesia’s co-branding partner shows its commitment to continuously support the development of the world of tourism and the creative economy through its programs. “This is the first time, VICI and Herborist are holding the Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival 2022, posing a fashion show parade that will be attended by dozens of well-known local designers from Indonesia,” he said.

As a brand inspired by Bali, Herborist has also moved to invite the Indonesian people to love the culture of their own country and is motivated to help improve the Bali’s economy by growing the tourism sector and the creative economy. “We hope that the event will be able to attract not only Indonesians, but also foreign tourists to come and travel to Bali, so that with the return of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, the tourism sector and Herborist can help the company to maintain its double-digit growth target in 2022,” he hoped.

Director of Operations for Secret Garden Village, Anton Thedy, stated the event is held to increase the interest of local and foreign tourists to visit Bali again. This fashion event is accompanied with the re-branding of Bebek Timbungan to Bali Timbungan, Secret Garden’s specialty culinary. “It’s time for Bali tourism to rise. We choose fashion because it is universal, unique, and can attract the interest of many people. In addition, fashion shows can also raise new creative talents in Indonesia. This event also displays not only elements of Balinese culture, but also ethnicities from all over Indonesia,” he added.

Director of Marketing Communications of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Martini M. Paham, stated that the activities held in Bali will not only be used as promotional content, but will also have an impact on the local community’s economy. “The initiative carried out by Herborist as one of Wonderful Indonesia’s co-branding partners through the Herborist Bali Fashion Carnival 2022 is expected to bring in many positive impacts to the tourism industry players, starting from tour operators, accommodation service providers, restaurants, souvenir SMEs, and others,” he said. (BTN/015)

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