Here Is Another Completely Fun Waterfall You Should Visit

Here Is Another Completely Fun Waterfall You Should Visit

When traveling to Bali, make your time to visit Carat Waterfall in Buleleng. This natural tourist attraction in the Northern Bali region offers extraordinary allure, not even inferior to Gitgit Waterfall because it has beauty and charm. This waterfall at Carat Hamlet is still pristine in nature and rich in local plants, so the atmosphere feels cool. The sound of birds and other fowl animals shouting to each other can create a peaceful and happy atmosphere.

Acting Division Head of Marketing for the Buleleng Tourism Office, Elisabeth Maria Parinussa, stated that the waterfall is named ‘Carat’ because the flow of water looks like from a clay jug or pitcher, a Balinese container of drinking water in ancient times. “The location of this waterfall is still very made sacred by the surrounding community, so that incoming visitors must maintain ethics in speaking and behaving. Besides, they are not allowed to damage anything around the area,” she said.

At the tourist attraction, there are two waterfalls, the small and large (high) one. The large waterfall is located under a small waterfall. The small one has a height of only about 15 meters. Underneath, there is a not-too deep pool and can be used for playing water or bathing. Meanwhile, the large waterfall has a height of about 100 meters surrounded by high and steep cliffs. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to approach the waterfall, so that it can only be seen from a distance,” she added.

Carat Waterfall is located at Carat Hamlet, Tamblang, Kubutambahan, or about 21 km from Singaraja town (30 minutes’ drive), about 85 km from Denpasar City and about 34 km from Kintamani. To get to the tourist attraction, tourists should go to the entrance road located on the edge of Jalan Raya Kintamani-Singaraja via Kubutambahan. After arriving at Tamblang village, you will find a signpost and a large enough sign on the right side of the road to the waterfall. Fom the signpost to the location of the waterfall is about 600 meters or 15 minutes’ walk.

Furthermore, to get to the waterfall visitors should walk through a path by first passing through a woven bamboo bridge over a small river. After that, enter the residents’ plantations cultivated with cloves and coffee. On the way, please be careful because the condition of the trail is quite steep, rocky and winding. Don’t be surprised because along the road to the location of the waterfall, there are many pipes used to supply clean water to residents around the waterfall. After that, we arrive at the Carat Waterfall. (BTN/015)

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