Here Is the Venue to Enjoy Yummyy Snail Satay…

Here Is the Venue to Enjoy Yummyy Snail Satay…

For rural people, enjoying various menus made from kakul (rice field snail) may have beenn a commonplace. Then, what about urban communities and tourists? The snail previously prepared in a simple manner is now done more attractively and with a more delicious taste. The snail is processed into satay with healthy spices, so that it becomes a favorite menu for people as well as tourists. Moreover, it is served very beautifully so that it always tempts people to taste it.

In Jembrana District, precisely at Gumbrih village, Pekutatan, there is a venue to eat named the Warung D’Tegal which intensively serves up snail-based satay menus. The menu of snail satay a la Warung D’Tegal is indeed very good, not fishy and ​​the seasoning is just right, so that once tasting is definitely made addictive. One portion of snail satay served with steamed rice can provide energy to continue the journey. “Are you curious? Come on, try the delicious snail satay a la Warung D’Tegal,” said Division Head of the Jembrana Tourism and Culture Office, Kadek Mirah Ananta Sukma Dewi, on Thursday (Apr 1).

Warung D’Tegal is located in a tourist spot called D’tegal ATV Adventure. After trying out the adventure by playing ATV on challenging tracks, visitors are also offered a variety of food and beverage menus. One of them is the special one namely snail satay served with grilled satay sauce. “We would like to provide a better experience for tourists traveling to West Bali. They are not only satisfied to try their guts through ATV attractions, but also enjoy tasting the signature snail satay menu,” said I Gede Eka Tri Ardana, the owner of the Warung D’Tegal.

As a typical Balinese cuisine, the man familiarly addressed ‘De Tangsi’ explained the snail satay on offer at Warung D’Tegal is also very identical and closely related to the agrarian tradition in the villages on the Island of the Gods. Apart from having a delicious and savory taste, this rice field snail has many good benefits for the body, including reducing blood pressure for those with hypertension. “For those of you wishing to make the adventure more exciting and fun, the choice of this menu can add to the sensation of your vacation between the beautiful hills and enchanting rice fields,” he said.

A portion of snail satay is offered at IDR 10,000 with 10 skewers without rice. If served with rice, the satay is reduced to 7 skewers for the same price. “Ummm…, is there anyone still curious about the taste of snail satay offered at D’Tegal ATV Adventure? Simply make a visit to Negara or #JAHBO melali kenegaroa and stop at D’tegal ATV Adventure and Warung D’Tegal at Gumbrih !!!” asked Mirah and De Tangsi together. (BTN/015)

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