Holding a Wedding Party at The Cakra Hotel, Definitely Beautiful

Holding a Wedding Party at The Cakra Hotel, Definitely Beautiful

Want a delicious and unique wedding event? Organize your wedding ceremony at The Cakra Hotel located at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No.28, Kesiman Kertalangu, East Denpasar, Denpasar City. Wedding ceremony at the venue will become a special moment in a life journey, memorable, beautiful and unforgettable. “The Cakra Hotel is willing to be a winning team at the wedding event so that it will be very memorable,” said Hotel Manager, Taniya Pondaag, on Tuesday (Mar 8).

Amertha Garden is one of the special facilities at The Cakra Hotel which is very sweet as a wedding venue. Hotel spreading across an area of ​​1.1 hectares can accommodate up to 800 guests around the garden. Such breadth of Amertha Garden makes guests feel comfortable because it offers a wide view. The large area also provides benefits for event owners to decorate the garden so that it looks more beautiful and memorable according to the desired theme. “Amertha Garden looks more majestic and beautiful decorated with fairy lights, making the atmosphere even more luxurious and amazing,” she said.

In addition to the venue, the wedding package at The Cakra Hotel is also equipped with a special buffet menu and a set menu with a choice of Indonesian and international dishes. All the menus have been tested and the taste is a favorite for both guests and the bride’s family which can add to the perfection of the wedding event. “This special menu was made by Chef Nyoman Suarka, who is already a professional and has wealth of experience in previous five-star hotels. Now, he is also Chairman of ICA Denpasar. Some of the signature menus for weddings at The Cakra Hotel are Cream Mushroom, Kung Pao Chicken and Cakra Fried Shrimp,” explained Taniya Pondaag convincingly.

The Cakra Hotel has a parking area equipped with safekeeping by a security team that is able to accommodate guests’ vehicle during the event. Various partners who had collaborated with The Cakra Hotel ranging from partners for decoration, documentation, entertainment, makeup and bridal can be choices and references to help make the wedding party more perfect. “The Cakra Hotel is ready to be a part of the success of your wedding event. All the facilities provided are meant to ensure comfort, safety and customers’ satisfaction because the success of the guests’ event is a source of pride for us at The Cakra Hotel,” she said. (BTN/015)

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