“Holy Stone” at Arya Arkananta Eco Resort & Spa

“Holy Stone” at Arya Arkananta Eco Resort & Spa

If you do not have a choice for a vacation, Arya Arkananta Eco Resort & Spa is an attractive choice to try. The hotel coming with a natural feel of rice fields is located in Gang Damai, Sayan Village, Ubud, Gianyar. It is in the middle of destinations and shopping places such as the Blanco Museum (around 1.7 km), Ubud traditional market (around 2 km), and Monkey Forest tourist attraction (around 2.1 km) so that you can easily reach them. When staying here, it must be fun because it is located in a tourism village rich in Balinese cultural art activities.

Arya Arkananta Eco Resort & Spa is indeed the choice of domestic and foreign tourists because it is superior. The hotel has a different concept from other hotels, such as architecture displaying the philosophical relationship between humans, nature, and human appreciation for natural food sources enjoyed. There are growing rice plants that will be consumed as staple food. The stone path between the rice fields inside the hotel is very natural and beautiful.“This hotel has reactivated the rice field irrigation system that we know as subak, so this irrigation system can help irrigate the surrounding rice fields and as a gratitude to nature,” said Marketing Manager, Widayanthi, on Friday (Nov 5).

The buildings in this resort are established as an accommodation with a system that does not damage the soil and have supporting poles, so that the soil can still get oxygen to stay fertile. Meanwhile, rainwater and wastewater treatment aims for sustainability of water supply for living and irrigating rice fields. “We hope that in-house guests at Arya Arkananta Eco Resort & Spa also get education about the rice field system having been applied for generations by our predecessors,” hoped this friendly woman.

Arya Arkananta comes from Sanskrit where arya means ‘noble’ whose path is being enlightened or given wisdom for improvement. On that account, architectural designs are built based on deep philosophical meanings as taught by our ancestors long time ago, such as Tri Hita Karana which emphasizes that balance is the key to creating a harmonious living environment. Another advantage of this resort is that it has a healing center facility obtained from the heritage of the ancestors in the form of natural stone which is more than 1 million years old.

This natural stone is believed to help heal those in need. The sacred stone was made a place called the Sacred Stone Chamber, as part of the spa facilities at Arya Arkananta Eco Resort & Spa, namely Lemuria Transcendental Spa. “The energy released from this sacred stone or healing stone is an ancient technology based on knowledge from the Lemuria Civilization, which is also the lineage of the archipelagic ancestors to harmonize the body metabolism,” said Wida.

The human body and sacred stones or healing stones both have energy vibrations. The energy makes humans naturally able to receive and harmonize these vibrations with the energy vibrations that come from the stones. The energy produced by the natural stone will harmonize the energy in the human body according to its needs. It can heal either pain, trauma, or other problems. Guests wishing to use the Sacred Stone Chamber will be detected by 2 emeralds upon entering the room. Results of the detection will be sent by the two emeralds to other stones in the therapy room.

During this pandemic, Arya Arkananta Eco Rest & Spa operates by implementing a new era of life order through health protocol. The hotel has also received a Cleanness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certificate, so that it is implemented according to the rules. “Our hotel applies an eco-resort concept where there is open space as well as fresh and natural oxygen circulation. Since it maintains the order of the fields, cars do not have direct access to the hotel lobby, where the cars will be parked in a special parking lot, and guests are then picked up by using a special three-wheeled vehicle which we call it Tukutuk or more famously Tuk-tuk,” she said. (BTN/015)

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