HOSHINOYA Bali Resort Combines Balinese-Japanese Culture

HOSHINOYA Bali Resort Combines Balinese-Japanese Culture

Do you miss living at HOSHINOYA Bali? The resort located at Banjar Pengembungan, Pejeng Kangin Village, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, was reopened to greet its customers in July 2021. This was accompanied by the implementation of strict Covid-19 Health Protocols combined with classy services. “HOSHINOYA Bali certainly applies new normal standards and is committed to welcoming every guest into a big family in their second home in Ubud, Bali,” said General Manager, Mr. Takaaki Yasuda, not long ago.

HOSHINOYA Bali wants to bring the essence of comfort and serenity and continuously strive to create a luxurious holiday experience. Therefore, it always complies with and implements government regulations and procedures related to health into resort operations. Moreover, it strengthens the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility for guests. As a resort that offers personalized services, it will be able to create a variety of interesting vacation experiences. “As a sign of reopening, we offer a variety of accommodation options to revitalize body and mind after a long period of isolation, limiting the use of devices and rediscovering a connection with nature,” he explained.

HOSHINOYA Bali is the perfect resort for those who feel overwhelmed with information overload or overwork, and for those who want to escape from the hustles and bustles and seek peace in the midst of nature. “For those of you who want to be totally alone or have a solitary retreat, you can turn off all your devices because there are no TVs or clocks available here, so you can be completely free from physical and mental desires. In the end, you can rediscover your inner strength,” he added.

This resort with the nuance of Balinese culture in combination with Japanese aesthetic spatial arrangement is surrounded by nature and flowed with the Pakerisan River which appears in Balinese mythology. This resort comes with a place to get away from the hustles and bustles of work and enjoy a serene atmosphere that can restore guests’ mental and spiritual energy. Guests can visit temples, walk along the rice fields, dwell among the lush trees, cycle or hike, meditate, enjoy healthy food, and explore the Ubud area. “All of these are to rediscover the connection with nature and the essence of the experience of visiting Bali. We would like to provide a relaxing experience, so that guests can feel complete harmony with Bali’s nature, its people and God, in accordance with the Tri Hita Karana philosophy,” he explained.

HOSHINOYA Bali, is the first HOSHINOYA property group to be established outside Japan. This resort has a stretch of rice fields, hills and valleys, traversed by the Pakerisan River’s stream and a subak (irrigation cooperative) network of more than 1,000 years old. Surrounded by typical Ubud trees, the villa is designed in groups inspired by the banjar (hamlet) tradition in Bali. This resort perfectly combines elements of plants, flowers, natural building materials, and open spaces into an attractive added value. Each villa has a terrace leading directly to the semi-private swimming pool with its green water. The roof of the villa and gazebo is made of ulin and reeds to add to the beauty of the atmosphere. In addition, there is an open area designed for guests wishing to enjoy the natural scenery or read a book comfortably.

All villas have access to three canal-like swimming pools. There is a spa relaxation facility overlooking the valley and the splendor of the forest that will pamper the body with massage treatments and body scrubs taking advantage of natural ingredients such as rice, herbs or spices. Dishes with various flavors are served at restaurant. Guests can enjoy while dining accompanied by a view of the leaves.

The decor, furniture, wall carvings and cutlery entirely reflect the creations of local artists and build both stunning and comfortable interior. The iconic facility is the Café Gazebo in the form of a cage that seems to be floating in the air, accompanied by the sound of the wind, views of green trees and the sound of gurgling river water. “We have a limited exclusive offer for guests who stay in the Bali area with discounts of up to 55 percent from the normal price for the stay during the period from July 1 to August 31, 2021,” he concluded while promoting. (BTN/015)

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