Hotel Kelapa Retreat and Spa, Authentic Feel in West Bali

Hotel Kelapa Retreat and Spa, Authentic Feel in West Bali

After the government lowered the level of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) from Level 4 to Level 3, the room occupancy at Hotel Kelapa Retreat and Spa began to increase. Although it is not as crowded as it was at the beginning of the pandemic, it is enough to give a new hope that tourism will recover. “At the beginning of the pandemic, the maximum room occupancy reached 5 percent, and now when PPKM for Bali has dropped to level 3, the occupancy of the Kelapa Retreat and Spa Hotel has increased to 10-15 percent,” said Operations Manager, I Wayan Edy Putrawan, not long ago.

Edy Putrawan further added that in this new era, his party is adjusting to the existing market. Currently, international borders have not been opened, thus he targets the domestic and local markets. “This is also accompanied by attractive promotion packages so that it encourages tourists or local residents to experience living at hotels in the West Bali area,” he added.

During this pandemic, the targeted markets are government and private institutions that have meeting programs or other activities. In addition, his party is also targeting domestic and the locals who transit when traveling by land from Java to Denpasar or vice versa. “We are also targeting expatriate groups who are still in Bali. Those who still live in Bali, definitely want to live in a different atmosphere. On that account, the West Bali tourist area is an alternative. Jembrana also has tourism facilities that are interesting to be visited,” he explained.

Hotel Kelapa Retreat and Spa, located at Jalan Ngurah Rai, Banjar Dauh Pangkung, Pekutatan Village, Jembrana District, is an accommodation remaining a choice for tourists to stay or just relax to relieve fatigue. Currently, we are giving a discount for rooms with complete facilities. Restaurant and swimming pool are also open to public. “We want to provide an attractive experience for tourists while staying at our hotel. That’s for sure because the tourist area in Jembrana has a different atmosphere,” he assured.  The existing hotel facilities, such as restaurants, bars, spas and yoga will make them more comfortable to stay at the hotel. In addition, Hotel Kelapa Retreat and Spa is a very unique and authentic place to stay because all the materials in use are coconut trunks. Besides, the location is very strategic, close to the Medewi Surfing Beach tourist attraction, and about 30 km from Jembrana Town and about 80 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. (BTN/015)

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