As a principal matter, language is learned by all humans to understand each other. Language is a means of communication for humans that is learned by all societies, either in their local or foreign languages. In the context of Indonesia, language unites the people since the Indonesian Language is used to communicate by diverse people with different ethnicities and customs backgrounds. However, English has emerged to be a crucial medium to communicate and interact globally which leads to an undeniable necessity.

In this super advanced era, the use of English has become a regular thing that can be seen spotted everywhere.  Mastering English is not only a requirement for studying abroad but also for those who learn in Indonesia mastering English well is a necessity. English is required for assisting the student to learn more as well as an added value in terms of the acquired capabilities.

Besides Indonesian and English, the use of the Balinese language in Bali is pivotal as an identity symbol in this globalization era. The great importance of language as human identity is inseparable from the human recognition of the use of language in daily life. To run humanity’s responsibility, humans only possess a single tool, i.e, language. Through language, human could express their feeling. Something that is felt and likely the same, is not always felt the same because it is not yet uncovered and disclosed. By language, the human could make something feel real and disclosed. Yet, humans frequently forget the mystery and power of language. They prefer to believe in their knowledge and experiences. Whereas, those are immature and not real if they are not stated in language.

The use of the Balinese language is regulated in the Instruction of Bali Governor No 2331 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Regulation of Bali Governor No 79 of 2018 concerning The Day of Using Balinese Traditional Costume and Regulation of Bali Governor No 80 of 2018 concerning The Protection and The Use of Balinese Language, Script and Literature, as well as the Implementation of The Month of Balinese Language concurrently in Bali.

Therefore, the University of Ngurah Rai has implemented a policy to use the Local Language, especially the Balinese Language every Thursday and use English every Saturday.


Communication is carried out every day with partners, colleagues, parents, family, or even strangers we meet publicly for numerous purposes. Although it is done on daily basis, what is the definition of communication?

Seemingly communication looks uncomplicated, however, the meaning of communication is very diverse. The term communication is derived from the Latin “communicatus” which means share or purpose to achieve togetherness. The word “communicatus” is translated into many languages including the Indonesian Language which is used to describe a conversation between us and others. According to Indonesian Dictionary, communication is defined as a process of transferring and receiving a message between two or more persons.

As mentioned previously, communication seems simple, yet it has many meanings. Moreover, communication is divided into several types.

Non-verbal communication is communication that is not involving words, only posture and gesture. It is also called body language. Kinds of non-verbal communication are facial expression, attitude, posture, gesture, physical contact, and eye contact.

Verbal communication is communication that involves words, both verbally and written. Words are what we said or write.

Written communication is communication that is conducted through writing. You deliver a message through writing (text). Effective written communication is crucial when considering remote working and staying connected all day long through digital media.

Visual is related to the view or vision. Visual communication is defined as a message delivery by using an imaginary medium that can be detected by visual sense. Visual has become the most common communication being used, which is triggered by the use of social media such as YouTube and other platforms in this digital era.

Information The advanced development of information technology has facilitated humans to fulfill their daily needs. Information is utilized to broaden insights, improve knowledge, and prepare an opinion. In

many cases, information is used as the main basis for making a decision.

Nowadays, there are abundant online or offline media that provide information. It is not only important news around us, but also various tips or guidance to fulfill our daily needs. Even many people use social media to provide information about their businesses. Undeniably, every individual needs information for their daily activities. However, we must be selective and smart to take the information. In many cases, we find hoax information that inconveniently affects our life.

Ethimonologically, the word information is derived from the French “informacion” which means concept, idea, or outline. Information is a noun that means activity in communicated knowledge. Information is a set of data or facts managed to be meaningful for the recipient. Usually, information will be processed to make the recipient easier to understand, or in other words, the information has been processed to be meaningful before being delivered.

Information can be found in any format, both in printed and online media. Data can be considered as information when it is meaningful or can be used. As cited by Arkansas State University, there are some kinds of information that we find, such as real, analysis, subjective and objective information.

Real or factual information is related to facts. Mostly, this information rarely provides in-depth background about a certain topic. Analysis information is usually produced by a researcher in a particular study.

Subjective information is taken only from one perspective. Usually, it contains opinions or arguments from a certain party. On the contrary, objective information can be understood from many perspectives. As mentioned previously, information has various meaningful functions for daily life. Those functions include a source of knowledge, entertainment, and influence. As a source of knowledge, information provides events and conditions in a certain society, showing power relations, and facilitating many kinds of innovations. Therefore, the public could access information related to their needs and interests, as well as a source of new knowledge. As entertainment, electronic media has the highest position to provide entertainment compared to other functions. Commonly, people use television as entertainment. Meanwhile printed media positions information on the top. However, both media provide entertainment for escape or

relaxation as well as relieving social tensions in the community. meanwhile, entertainment is a medium for relieving or escaping for individuals.

Another function of information is influencing the public. Frequently public is influenced by information provided by the mass media, both through articles or commercials. According to De Vito, this function is considered the most important function in mass communication. Besides that, it could emerge in many forms, such as introducing ethics, moving individuals, changing attitudes, and strengthening attitudes. Therefore, information has a crucial role in changing society.


Technology is any facility that provides required goods for the sake of human life continuance and convenience. The use is varied in every field.

Nowadays, technology is found in many fields so does human needs. Common technologies found in human daily life such as information technology facilitates human in delivering information to others precisely and quickly. This technology consists of software required for delivering information. Examples are websites, television, radio, and others. The benefits of this technology are facilitating receiving information easily, easy communication, practical purchasing, and easy learning.

Communication technology and information are closely related. In a vast developing era, information dissemination could take place as communication through handphones, social media, etc.

Technology and information are inseparable concepts. Technology in information can be referred to as the process of making and managing information. Without technology, information can not be disseminated or delivered properly. Information could also transfer through devices because of advanced technology.

In this modern era, technology is crucial. Almost all activities could be facilitated by technology. Technology is a tool that could facilitate work so anyone who does not understand technology will be left behind and struggle for having a job. It could also affect life and surely be beneficial. The level of technical mastery is in line with competitiveness. Almost all works use technology. Two of the many other aspects affected by technology are economic and social aspects. All institutions look for and require an individual who understands technology.

The development of education technology could not be separated from technology development. Many modern educational devices and facilities have improved learning optimization both at the school and daily life levels. Technology has been applied at school in form of Information and Communication Technology subjects. This subject teaches about informatics.

Technology also facilitates distance communication. It also helps us to capture memorable moments with our beloved ones. It has an important role in developing a nation. More advanced technology would improve a nation. The technology could fasten work or activity as a calculator does. The calculator facilitates people to count faster. President Soekarno in 1958 said, “This nation can only advance and be prosperous if the development is based on knowledge and technology”. 

Technology has greatly contributed to the change of individuals and nations. All activities in this modern era could not be separated from technology which develops and improves every day. Everyone has to be updated and learn the technology to keep up with this moving era. We must learn how to use it and try to develop it. 

Dr. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti

Universitas Ngurah Rai, Bali

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