Independence Day of the RI Uniquely Celebrated at Bali Safari Park

Independence Day of the RI Uniquely Celebrated at Bali Safari Park

The Bali Safari Park animal conservation agency commemorated the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia at its entrance area on Wednesday (Aug 17). The ceremony started at 07:30 Local Time turned very unique because it was not only attended by all employees, but also involved the animals that followed the flag ceremony solemnly! The participating animals in the flag-raising ceremony were pangolins, pythons, goats, Kintamanian dogs, elephants and parrots.

Head of Marketing of Bali Safari Park, Inneke Ficianirum, stated the commemoration of Indonesian Independence is to honor the services of the heroes who died while defending independence. Implementation of the ceremony is also to commemorate the heroes in fighting for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. “Besides, it is also meant to increase the spirit to be able to work better, so that we can improve Indonesia which is superior,” she said.

On August 15, 2022, Bali Safari Park held a fun walk and various competitions which were participated by employees. The competitions held included cracker eating, balloon hitting, tug of war and door prize drawing. “These competitions are held to strengthen cooperation among employees. Prizes are also prepared to appreciate the sportsmanship and activeness of the employees even beyond working hours,” added Inneke Ficianirum.

Especially for the Safari Merdeka (Independent Safari) event was held on August 17, 2022 at the Ganesha Court area, the event is specially presented for visitors to Bali Safari Park. It was filled with balloon relay competitions, eating crackers, sack races, clogs racing, putting nails into bottles and safari fashion week. Apart from competitions, there is a Keeper Talk session and an Innovative Bondres (gag) show that adds to the splendor of independence at Bali Safari Park.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Bali Safari Park, Marcel Driessen, stated that as a conservation agency playing a role in animal conservation, Bali Safari Park also opens a Safari Ranger Station and Bird Encounter. The Bali Safari education team shows various typical Indonesian animal artifacts, such as porcupine spines, various types of eggs, peacock feathers and many more. Safari Ranger Station aims to introduce Indonesian animals more in a fun way.

Through such various activities, it is hoped that visitors will be able to spread love for Indonesian animals so that they can become a pioneer in the preservation of Indonesian unique animals and become the leading wildlife education destination in Indonesia. “Bali Safari solemnly wants to celebrate 77 years of Indonesian Independence. We must always remember to embrace freedom and democracy in peace and harmony,” concluded Marcel Driessen. (BTN/015)

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