Infinity8 Bali Offers Canang Sari Class

Infinity8 Bali Offers Canang Sari Class

Bali tourism is based on cultural tourism. Most of Bali’s population embraces Hinduism. Almost every corner of the area has temple of worship, both of large and small sizes. On that account, apart from being known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is also known as the Island of a Thousand Temples. Strong religious rituals influence almost every element and movement of Balinese people’s life. This makes Bali not only have beautiful scenery, but also a unique, exotic, and well-maintained culture.

Culture makes Bali tourism famous so that it becomes an international tourist destination, which is often even better known than Indonesia. Therefore, Balinese culture must be maintained, not only for Hindus but also for all on this Island of the Gods. Therefore, Infinity8 Bali participates in maintaining Balinese culture by including regular Canang Sari Class activity which is free of charge for foreign or domestic guests staying at Infinity8 Bali. “We would like to introduce Balinese culture through canang sari,” said General Manager, Muhsin Anwar, on Thursday (Apr 6).

The canang sari making activity presents experienced instructors from Infinity8 Bali. Guests will learn about how to make Balinese canang sari. The meaning behind every element and making Canang Sari itself will be brought home as a unique memento of the experience while staying at Infinity8 Bali. Canang Sari is offered to the Gods daily by Balinese Hindus as a form of thanksgiving for balance and peace in our world which is renewed daily.

Preserving Indonesian culture is a shared responsibility. In addition, culture also plays an important role in the progress of a nation. “Cultural diversity in the region is the nation’s wealth and identity which is very much needed to advance Indonesia’s national culture,” he added.

Bali is one of the regions remaining to preserve local wisdom in the current era of globalization and a tourist destination for foreign and domestic tourists. “Therefore Infinity8 Bali also participates in maintaining culture and introducing Balinese culture to guests through the Canang Sari Class activity which is free for guests staying at Infinity8 Bali,” concluded Muhsin Anwar. (BTN/015)

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